Iraq: in Baghdad, Tahrir Square is preparing for a great day of protest

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Iraqi protesters and students gathered to mark the first anniversary of anti-government protests in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on October 1, 2020. REUTERS / Khalid al-Mousily

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In Iraq, the demonstrators have met again this Sunday, October 25 with the aim of restarting the October revolt.

For them, no major reform has been undertaken in a year: nothing has been done to promote employment, to fight against corruption or to put early elections on track.

Report on Tahrir Square, the main meeting point.


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With our correspondent in Baghdad,

Lucile Wassermann

Dances, songs, slogans, the demonstrators are back in Tahrir Square in Baghdad.

A few dozen gathered the D-Day old woman to show their determination, says Raid, in his forties, a large mustache across his face.


 This revolution is organized so that we find our country, the country that the political parties have taken from us

," he said.

In Iraq, there should be public services for example.

This is why all these people came to this place to demonstrate, to claim their rights, and to find their country. 


Ahmed, 27, an Iraqi flag in his hand, adds: “

 The people are tired.

Tired of this corrupt government stealing people's money, oil money.

They sell Iraq and its ports. 


Fear of further violence

The atmosphere is still good child in Tahrir Square, but the demonstrators already fear

new violence, 

this Sunday, October 25.


 From the start, our credo has been to demonstrate peacefully, but you know, the political parties certainly have their own plans in mind to defeat this challenge, 

" said Haider, 32.

And a few streets from Tahrir Square, an important security device has already been deployed, mainly around the Green Zone, the political district, that the demonstrators will try to reach this Sunday.

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