Resetting the clock on Sundays has a small effect on our power consumption, Essent writes.

Figures from the energy supplier show that shortly after the start of winter, about 2 percent more electricity is consumed than just before.

The clock goes back one hour on the night from Saturday to Sunday at 3 a.m., giving us an extra hour of sleep.

In fact, this means that it gets light earlier from Sunday, but also darker earlier.

According to the energy supplier, this is only partly reflected in the figures: between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., an average of 11 percent more electricity is consumed than during summer time.

In the morning Essent does not see a drop in power consumption.

Because of the corona pandemic, we now live differently than normal;

for example, we now work from home more often.

Whether this will affect the power consumption due to the switch to winter time, Essent does not yet dare to say.

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