It has transformed into one of the largest, most famous and fastest growing airlines in the world

"Emirates Airlines" ... a global success story that completes its 35th year

Today, the 35th anniversary of the launch of the first flight of "Emirates Airlines", on October 25, 1985, when the national company has turned into one of the largest and most famous air carriers in the world, and the fastest growing, in addition to its pivotal role in the development of the global air transport industry.

The year 1960 marked a milestone in Dubai’s march towards globalization, with the opening of its private airport, and 25 years after the establishment of the airport, one of Dubai’s ambitions was fulfilled with the establishment of Emirates Airlines, which began operations with two chartered planes and launched its first flight from an airport. Dubai International will travel to Karachi, Pakistan, with 133 passengers on board.

Excellence and sustainability

Emirates Airlines has taken sustainable growth as a strategic goal to keep pace with Dubai's aspirations towards globalization, and to support the tourism, travel and trade sectors that are major tributaries of the emirate’s economy, while looking to provide greater development opportunities in other areas.

Based on the strategy of excellence, Emirates Airlines became, in 1992, the first airline to equip its aircraft seats in all classes with personal video screens, and opened a special building for its passengers at Dubai International Airport, and in 1993 it became the first airline to provide express communication service in All classes of travel, and the first airline company to provide its fleet with fax service in the air.

In 2000, Emirates Airlines became the first airline to commit to the Airbus A380, when it requested the purchase of seven of them. It also surprised the aviation industry at the Paris Air Show in 2003 by concluding the largest deal in the history of civil aviation by requesting the purchase of 71 aircraft at a value. $ 19 billion.

Biometric path

The company continued its focus on providing the most distinguished services to travelers in the context of competition at the global level, and strengthening the position of "Dubai International" as the most prominent airport in the world.

In 2018, it announced plans to launch the world's first integrated biometric route, which will allow customers a seamless travel experience through the carrier’s terminal at Dubai International Airport. Passengers, using the latest biometric technologies, will be able to complete their travel procedures, enter the airline’s lounges and board the plane, from By using the latest technology based on facial and iris recognition while they are on the move around the airport.

During the fiscal year "2019/2020", the carrier received six new aircraft, all of the giant "A380", at a time when six planes were decommissioned, including four Boeing 777-300ERs and a Boeing 777-300. And a Boeing 777 cargo plane, which brought the number of the fleet at the end of March 2020 to 270 aircraft.

The average age of the fleet aircraft was 6.8 years.

Emirates Airlines has also completed two years of its successful strategic partnership with flydubai, as 5.3 million passengers have benefited from the ease of continuing their travel through the two carriers' joint network, since they launched their partnership in October 2017.

Precautionary measures

During the "Covid-19" pandemic, "Emirates Airlines" unveiled additional measures and procedures that will establish innovative standards for health and safety at the industry level in the air and on the ground. The airline has started implementing these measures that aim to protect employees and passengers in every one of them. Travel stages.

Wearing gloves and masks is mandatory for all airport dealers and employees. On Emirates Airlines flights, masks are sufficient.

Upon arrival at the airport, thermal surveillance cameras installed in several locations monitor the temperature.

There are also signs affixed to the ground in all airport waiting areas to guide travelers, and to assure them to adhere to physical distancing at check-in and passport counters, boarding gates, and flight continuation areas.

The airport team also installed protective barriers at check-in counters and passport control counters, to provide more safety guarantees for travelers and workers during the completion of the procedures.

Emirates Airlines launched an initiative to enhance confidence in international travel, the first of its kind in the world, and is represented by free coverage for its passengers, including the costs of medical treatment and quarantine related to “Covid-19” when they travel on the airline’s flights to and from the UAE. the world.

The initiative allows Emirates Airlines customers to travel this summer, with full confidence, with the possibility of claiming a refund of their medical expenses up to 150,000 euros, and quarantine costs of 100 euros per day, for a period of 14 days, if they are diagnosed with "Covid-19" during their travel. Away from their countries.

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A historic deal for Boeing 777 and the most valuable brand

Emirates Airlines entered history after an order to purchase 42 Boeing 777 aircraft in a deal valued at $ 9.7 billion (35.6 billion dirhams) in 2005, and that was the largest order to purchase Boeing 777 aircraft at that time. Emirates Airlines is currently the largest operator in the world for this type of aircraft.

In 2008, Terminal 3 dedicated to "Emirates Airlines" was opened at Dubai International Airport, which witnessed the departure of 500,000 passengers, during the first month of its operation.

In 2014, Emirates Airlines was named "the most valuable brand among airlines" in the world, and ranked first in the "Brand Finance" report of the most valuable brands in the Middle East.

During the Dubai Airshow 2017, Emirates Airlines revealed new interior design and products for its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, including the new first-class suites, noting that the new private suites feature an innovative design, advanced equipment, and levels of privacy. And comfort, thanks to being equipped with floor-to-ceiling doors, as well as elegant and luxurious design touches, inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The carrier stated that the new wings, completely closed, will change the rules of the game in terms of privacy, comfort and luxury. The new first-class cabin on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft contains six fully enclosed private suites, noting that the three cabins: the first, business and tourist. The latest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, as well as hallways and bathrooms, all underwent a multimillion-dollar development program that also included new seat designs and upgrades to the inflight entertainment system.

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