Export of small household electrical appliances to domestic sales to take a new path

【Struggle hard to work on the front line】

  In Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with the opening of the "Double 11" shopping festival, the production lines of many small home appliance companies have become busier.

Since the beginning of this year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a huge impact on the domestic and foreign markets, but small household appliances have broken the siege.

  How to make small household appliances into a big industry?

How can the new road of small household appliance industrialization operation go better and better?

On October 22, the reporter went into the small home appliance industry belt in Shunde to conduct a first-line survey.

Responding to new needs, exporting to domestic sales

  "Xinbao" may be an unfamiliar name to consumers, but the "Mofei" brand small household appliances it produces have become a popular "net celebrity" product due to its high appearance and high practicality. .

After being a OEM supplier for decades, Xinbao has gradually transformed into the domestic market through brands such as Mofei and Dongling.

  Since the beginning of this year, the export of many foreign trade companies' products has been blocked, and the promotion of export products for domestic sales has become a way for many companies to save themselves.

“There are many problems facing export to domestic sales. Most of foreign trade factories are OEM production, and their own brand building and operation, sales promotion channels, etc. are lacking.” Zeng Zhanhui, president of Xinbao shares pointed out, “and manufacturers must become integrated Brand operators in China need to make up for these shortcomings, which puts forward higher requirements on factory production capacity, resource allocation and finding time opportunities."

  "Enterprise transformation must seize new opportunities in the market." Zeng Zhanhui told reporters, "Currently, digital platforms provide new domestic brands with decentralized marketing channels, giving them the opportunity to participate in the competition of small household appliances in the Chinese market. This provides opportunities for foundry companies to transform into integrated brand operators."

  In 2019, the foreign trade and domestic sales of small household appliances produced by Xinbao accounted for approximately 80% and 20%.

After the gradual transformation and upgrading, the proportion of domestic sales this year has been close to 30%, and sales have increased by more than 70%.

Online platform to build its own brand

  Like many local foreign trade companies, when it started its business in 2010, the main business of Foshan Yuemu Smart Life Appliance Co., Ltd., where Li Yonghua, the founder of the "Youduo" brand is located, was to do OEM for local and foreign brands.

  “The profit of OEM is meager and the risk is huge; doing foreign trade is greatly influenced by the outside world, and the product iteration is slow, and it is easy to gradually lose the ability to innovate.” Li Yonghua realized that at present, the development of small home appliance enterprises needs to explore new paths.

Therefore, in June of this year, Li Yonghua began to shift the main battlefield of entrepreneurship from offline to online, and launched his own brand Youduo to sell self-developed and produced sterile products for mothers and babies.

"Since the launch of the UDO flagship store, we started from scratch and accumulated 3 million yuan in sales in just three months." Li Yonghua introduced.

  Xiaoxiong Electric is a domestic small home appliance brand that was sold online earlier.

Through years of online operations, Cubs has gradually become familiar with the market.

"Brands are the center of business operations. Online platforms will provide more opportunities for the cultivation and development of new brands in terms of products, transactions, platforms, etc." said Li Yifeng, president of the Shunde District E-commerce Association and general manager of Xiaoxiong Electric. "Through online platforms and offline factories, Xiaoxiong has achieved complete value operations in product innovation, brand design, and brand manufacturing."

  “In the past, the opportunity cost of offline channels was very high, and it was difficult for companies to have marketing channels for their own brands and new brands.” Zeng Zhanhui analyzed and pointed out that online platforms now provide more opportunities for new brands to increase their visibility, which is a great opportunity for traditional manufacturers. Said that we should seize the opportunity to make up for the shortcomings.

Live marketing opens up the market

  Walking into the Shunde Taobao live broadcast base, the live broadcast rooms are brightly lit, and the anchors and staff are busy, introducing small home appliances from Shunde local companies to consumers in front of the screen.

The products of brands such as Midea, Guyang Electric, Dema, and many local foundry companies in Shunde went to the national market through live broadcast.

  In Shunde, companies are able to produce high-quality products, but because they do not have their own brands, it is difficult to promote and sell high-quality small home appliances to the domestic market.

The low-cost, numerous, and wide-covered live broadcasts have become a "new outlet" for the marketing and promotion of many small home appliance manufacturers.

  "We often need to find someone to live broadcast when we promote products. We can only go to Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and other places to discuss cooperation. As a business, it is difficult to connect live broadcast resources, and it requires a lot of manpower and material resources." Taobao Live Shunde Yibo Lin Weijun, the head of the base, runs a home appliance company. The bottleneck encountered in the business operation gave him the idea of ​​promoting the establishment of a live broadcast base.

  A few days ago, the live broadcast base officially began operations. The live broadcast window with Shunde home appliances as the main product completed a transaction volume of 1.3 million yuan in just one day on October 20.

Lin Weijun introduced that, taking Guyang Electric as an example, since its live broadcast operation and promotion, the transaction volume of a single store on Tmall alone has reached more than 90 million yuan.

(Our reporter Yao Yaqi)