The enterprise hotline answers more than 50,000 calls in one year

The corporate service function of Beijing 12345 hotline responds to corporate demands, with a resolution rate and a satisfaction rate of over 90%

  On October 15th, at the 12345 hotline service center, the on-duty monitor answered difficult questions for the operators.

A10-A11 edition photography/Beijing News reporter Wang Fei

  Zhang Bo, Director of 12345 Hotline Service Center.

  On October 12, 2019, the enterprise service function of the Beijing 12345 hotline was officially opened, and it has been one year.

In one year, the 12345 hotline corporate seats received more than 50,000 calls from more than 25,000 companies.

  At the beginning of this year, the new crown epidemic broke out.

During the epidemic, the corporate hotline worked with companies to respond to the challenges of the new crown epidemic. For example, they promoted relevant departments to introduce measures to solve the problem of employees from Beisan County in the early stage of the epidemic, helping companies to enjoy rent reduction and exemption, deferred payment of social security payments and other policies, which effectively guaranteed related policies. The rights and interests of enterprises will promote the resumption of work, production and business and the market.

  When the enterprise hotline was first opened, simple consultations with one question and one answer accounted for more than 90% of the incoming electricity, and most of them solved inconvenient problems that the enterprise could not find.

Over the past year, the proportion of simple consultations has been declining, and the proportion of calls for complex consultations and appeals has increased. Hotlines have become an important starting point and channel for optimizing the business environment.

The overall solution rate and satisfaction rate of the hotline are both above 90%.

  A few days ago, the enterprise hotline opened the WeChat server, and invited business environment supervisors to discuss and exchange.

In the future, the corporate hotline will also reform the assessment mechanism to further increase the rate of corporate problem solving.

Responding to the new crown epidemic

Helped 832 companies to confirm the deferred payment of social security for the second time

  At the beginning of this year, the new crown epidemic broke out.

During the epidemic, the corporate hotline became an important channel for companies to understand support policies, epidemic prevention and control policies, and reflect corporate appeals, realizing the original intention of "smoothing corporate appeals, responding, and handling".

  On February 5, the Beijing Municipal Government issued 16 policies and measures to deal with the impact of the epidemic and promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, including the reduction of rent for municipal state-owned enterprises and the deferment of tax payment in order to reduce the burden on small, medium and micro enterprises.

For a time, the "16 items" became the focus of attention of enterprises.

In the two days as of February 7, the 12345 hotline corporate seats received a total of 329 calls from companies, of which nearly three-quarters were asking "16", reaching 246.

  On February 7, the Beijing Municipal Service Bureau published a special issue of "Citizen Hotline Reflecting". Based on calls from companies, it is recommended that relevant departments strengthen policy implementation and monitoring, and publish, publicize and publicize explanations on issues such as resumption of work and epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible , Such as clarifying whether the company needs to report for resumption of work, what is the salary standard during the extended holiday, and whether the time limit for administrative matters such as the introduction and settlement of talents is extended accordingly.

  On February 14, Beijing issued a notice stating that all returning personnel should stay home or observe intensively for 14 days.

The enterprise hotline again received a large number of calls from enterprises to inquire about the isolation policy for employees who frequently enter and exit Beijing, such as inter-provincial transportation companies and airlines, and those who live in the Beijing area, and call on the policy to be refined in consideration of the actual situation of enterprise employees.

The hotline center reflected the enterprise's demands to the relevant departments, and the relevant departments carefully studied and quickly issued the "7 categories of returning to Beijing exemption from quarantine for 14 days" regulations, which solved the problem of enterprise employees returning to Beijing.

  Starting from February 26, the Beijing 12345 hotline has added a special seat for resumption of work and production to the enterprise hotline, and arranged for business backbones. In response to the problems and difficulties encountered in the resumption of work and production, the company will send orders to the relevant responsible units for processing and request The organizer will feedback the handling situation and results to the enterprise within 24 hours.

  Around April 10, the corporate hotline received calls from dozens of companies in the aviation, railway, hotel management, education and training industries, reflecting that the application for extension of social security payment was not approved until July.

  At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise hotline, a special group was set up for difficult work orders that operators could not directly answer.

After receiving the enterprise's centralized appeal, the difficult work order team quickly understood the situation and handled it.

After communication and analysis, it is found that the root cause of the problem lies in the gaps in the convergence of the supporting policies.

  The hotline center immediately reflected the centralized common demands to the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, and submitted them for research and resolution. At the same time, they reported to the city leaders through the "Citizen Hotline Report" special issue.

Subsequently, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission held a special coordination meeting in a timely manner, added 5 industry authorities, and 832 enterprises received the second confirmation of the social security deferred payment and enjoyed the policy dividend.

  “During the epidemic, small, medium and micro enterprises are under great pressure. The work of the corporate hotline must not only relieve social anxiety, explain various policies and procedures, but also solve corporate problems and coordinate to promote the resumption of work and production.” Feng Yingyi said.

Deepen the response

Knowledge base provides strong support for answering inquiries

  Up to now, the corporate hotline has 50 dedicated seats, with nearly a hundred operators, 7×18 hours to answer corporate calls, open all year round.

For any requests and problems related to government services, policy formulation and implementation that companies encounter in their business development, they can call the 12345 hotline for help.

Enterprise hotline has become an innovative way to serve enterprises.

  The enterprise hotline has also been incorporated into the "receipt of litigation" system to build a multi-level and multi-departmental service platform that is vertically connected and horizontally coordinated, and effectively achieves "enterprise whistleblower, department report".

  In the past, the policies of various government departments were scattered and inconvenient inquiries. Enterprises encountered complicated and multi-sectoral problems and did not know who to turn to. Communication was poor, and even a large number of intermediary agencies were born.

Zhang Bo, director of the Beijing Municipal Citizens Hotline Service Center, said that the Municipal Affairs Service Bureau and the Municipal Investment Center took the lead in adding enterprise service functions to the 12345 hotline to solve this dilemma and provide enterprises with one-stop services.

  According to the category of matters, the enterprise hotline has established a four-level time-limited response mechanism of "immediate, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days", and formed enterprise service work including policy consultation, appeal acceptance, handling, supervision, feedback, return visits, and evaluation system.

  Over the past year, the 12345 corporate hotline has accepted 53,000 corporate calls, and the average number of calls per working day has increased from about 200 to more than 220.

Among them, consultation telephones dropped from 90% to more than 70%, and appeal telephones increased to more than 20%, which increased the difficulty of handling and placed higher requirements on hotlines and contractors.

  "Compared with calls from citizens, the issues involved in calls from enterprises are more complicated, and it is often necessary to repeatedly communicate to find out where the problems are." Lu Ming, a staff member of the difficult work order group, introduced, from verifying the company's problems to identifying the competent department and obtaining accurate answers , Often need to make ten or eight calls.

  Each work order solution will form a new work guide to guide the follow-up call answers.

In the past year, the knowledge base of the enterprise hotline has been continuously updated and improved, with a total of 2,630 new entries related to policies and work guides, bringing the total number of knowledge bases to more than 50,000, providing strong support for enterprise professionals to answer business inquiries in a timely manner.

At present, in addition to more than 10% of calls from enterprises that need to be sent to the responsible unit, more than 80% of the questions can be answered directly by the operator based on the enterprise knowledge base.

  Feng Yingyi commented: "The function of the corporate hotline is like Baidu Baike + 100,000 why."

  In order to deepen the enterprise hotline service system, the number of undertaking units connected to the enterprise hotline system has increased from the initial 81 to 127. 46 municipal state-owned enterprises and 27 large Internet trading platforms such as Jingdong and Meituan and key business enterprises have access The system is convenient for enterprises to enjoy rent reduction and exemption policies and resolve commercial disputes as soon as possible.

  Recently, the corporate hotline has expanded its service channels and opened the WeChat server.

Feng Yingyi said that in the future, the corporate hotline will also provide active and precise services, through telephone, Internet and other channels, with the help of big data, artificial intelligence and other means to profile the company and push relevant information to the company.

  Zhang Bo revealed that the corporate hotline will also reform the assessment mechanism to further increase the rate of corporate problem solving.

Optimize the business environment

"All data" promotes optimized development of business environment

  Sorting out the data over the past year, the main body of corporate hotline calls includes a wide range of: central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and their affiliated enterprises and institutions, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, private non-enterprise and business associations.

The industry involved in the call covers more than 90% of the national economic industry classification, ranging from general issues such as how to apply for business licenses to personalized issues such as whether industrial hemp can be planted, covering a wide range, involving many functional departments and strong professionalism.

  The corporate hotline has become an important measure to optimize the business environment.

Multi-departmental departments start from the demands of the company's calls, look for problems in the implementation of policies, optimize the process, and then promote the optimized development of the city's business environment.

  A transportation company called 12345 to reflect that the two National III diesel trucks under its name met the criteria for applying for subsidies for obsolete motor vehicle scrapping, and two loans failed due to changes in corporate bank accounts.

After receiving the complaint, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau will verify the reason for the failure of the loan with the Beijing Green Exchange and actively contact the calling company to explain the situation.

At the same time, by inferring from one another, coordinate the Beijing Green Exchange to re-register information for all expired vehicles, and uniformly issue subsidies to owners of similar problems, to ensure that similar problems are resolved in advance, and to realize the transition from “do it when you receive a complaint” to “do it without a complaint”.

  Lu Ming believes that a major advantage of the corporate hotline is to grasp the "full data" of corporate issues, and relevant departments can predict the difficulties and hotspots of policy implementation based on this, and guide the focus of optimizing the business environment.

  Ren Fengyingyi said that the enterprise hotline should use more service channels and serve more proactively, so that city managers can see the difficulties, congestion, pain points, and blind spots in the construction of the business environment more clearly, and help companies solve more difficulties. .

  On the afternoon of October 12, on the first anniversary of the opening of the 12345 corporate service hotline, the platform welcomed 20 business, environmental and social supervisors in Beijing.

After visiting and listening to relevant reports, the supervisor commented, "12345 is a hotline with a'temperature'", "leading with a high level, coordinating strength, and detailed details", "the enterprise service hotline has established a good government-enterprise communication and interaction Platform" and put forward some opinions and suggestions.

  Cai Mingyue, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Service Bureau, said that in the next step, the Municipal Service Bureau and the Municipal Investment Promotion Center will continue to cooperate closely, improve the working mechanism based on the opinions and suggestions put forward by the social supervisors, and continuously improve the business environment in Beijing. Provide more accurate and high-quality services.

  ■ Dialogue

  Zhang Bo, Director of 12345 Hotline Center:

  This year, more enterprise-related service agencies will be included in the service system of "action on request"

  Beijing News: What has changed since the establishment of the corporate hotline?

  Zhang Bo: In the past, companies reported problems through the 12345 citizen service hotline, and we handled them through the citizen hotline.

After the establishment of the corporate hotline, the channels are more direct, the answers are more professional, and the handling is more standardized.

For the handling situation, we will further track through the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, the handling effect is more secure, and there will be a special analysis of the handling situation.

On the whole, the corporate hotline is more efficient in solving problems for enterprises.

  Beijing News: What role does the corporate hotline play in building a service-oriented government?

  Zhang Bo: Enterprise hotline work promotes a multi-departmental perspective. Starting from the company’s call requests, it looks for problems in the implementation of policies, optimizes the handling process, and ensures that similar problems are resolved in advance, so as to realize the transition from “do it when you receive a complaint” to “do it first without a complaint” "Change, and then promote the optimized development of the business environment.

  The Beijing News: In this year, most of the calls from companies were for consultation, and their appeals were relatively small. How do you view this situation?

  Zhang Bo: I receive more than 50,000 calls a year and there are more inquiries. It shows that many companies really need guidance on policies, regulations and handling procedures. The work of the corporate hotline can help these companies avoid detours and get "one-click answers" to their questions.

  Beijing News: What is the main mechanism for corporate hotline to solve problems?

  Zhang Bo: We have a mechanism of "action upon request", as well as a corresponding evaluation mechanism and supervision mechanism.

For corporate appeals that the relevant departments do not respond in time, they will be urged and supervised.

For complex and difficult issues reported by enterprises, we will sort out and analyze with the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, and urge relevant departments to coordinate and resolve them.

  Beijing News: What measures will the corporate hotline introduce next?

  Zhang Bo: In the next step, work will be carried out mainly from three aspects: strengthening publicity, smoothing channels and fine management.

  First, strengthen corporate hotline publicity, typical service case publicity and publicity of corporate hot issues.

Let companies understand the answers to some hot issues through publicity, such as registration changes, social security provident funds and other issues that companies generally care about, let them know in a more convenient way, and can quickly find them.

  Secondly, further smooth the channels.

At present, more than 120 sub-centers of the system have successfully taken over corporate consulting and appeals, but there are still some organizations involved in corporate services that have not been connected to the system. The next step will try to include these units in the corporate hotline service system and strive to cover all corporate businesses.

  The third is to strengthen fine management.

Although the overall solution rate and satisfaction rate of the hotline are both above 90%, there are also problems such as long processing time and poor processing results for some work orders.

In the next step, we will comprehensively consider the characteristics of the company's calls and the opinions of the undertaker, formulate the enterprise hotline service management rules, optimize the evaluation system, promote the quality and efficiency of the enterprise service hotline, and provide better services to the majority of enterprises.

  Beijing News reporter Sha Xueliang