China News Online, October 20 (Reporter Miao Lu) The "2020 Hengchang Shaofang·Hurun Rich List" released by the Hurun Research Institute on the 20th shows that Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma and his family paid 400 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) Become the richest man in China for the fourth time. Tencent Chairman and CEO Ma Huateng ranked second with 390 billion yuan.

  This year is the 22nd consecutive "Hurun Rich List" published by the Hurun Research Institute since 1999, and the threshold for listing has remained at 2 billion yuan for the eighth consecutive year.

The deadline for calculating the wealth of entrepreneurs on the list is August 28, 2020.

Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma and his family became China's richest man for the fourth time

  The Hurun Rich List released this time expanded by 32%, 579 more than last year's 1819, and the total wealth of entrepreneurs on the list increased 54% from last year's 17.9 trillion yuan, reaching 27.5 trillion yuan.

Hurun Report Chairman and Chief Research Officer Hu Run said: "The number of Chinese entrepreneurs on the list has increased to 2,398, a record high."

  The 56-year-old Ma Yun, whose wealth increased by 125 billion yuan, became the richest man in China for the fourth time; Ma Huateng, 49, whose wealth increased by 130 billion yuan, ranked second; the 66-year-old chairman of Yangshengtang Co., Ltd. Zhong Suiyin's two new listings The company's wealth has grown rapidly, ranking third with 365 billion yuan for the first time on the list.

Tencent Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ma Huateng ranked No. 2 Hurun Research Institute

  In this list, the wealth of 1921 entrepreneurs increased over last year, and the number of newcomers reached a record high of 743.

Compared with last year, 22 people entered the top 100, and 5 of them made the list for the first time. In addition to Zhong Sui Sui, there are also Chen Zhiping, the founder and chairman of e-cigarette manufacturer Simer International, and Singapore, known for his mobile game "Free Fire". Li Xiaodong, chairman and co-founder of game and e-commerce company Sea, and Ruan Liping and Ruan Xueping, founders of Bull Group.

Hu Run said: "The number of newcomers hit a record high, thanks to the good performance of the Chinese stock market in the past year and the increase in the number of new IPOs."

  In addition, the largest increase in wealth was the family of Li Jianquan, founder of the newly listed company Wenjian Medical Group, whose wealth rose by 956%, becoming the richest man on the Sci-tech Innovation Board with 38 billion yuan; other large increases include the founder of online education platform GSX, Chairman Chen Xiangdong, his wealth increased by 662%, and Zuo Hui, the founder and chairman of the real estate trading platform Shell Search, his wealth increased by 483%.

Zhong Sui Sui, Chairman of Yang Sheng Tang Co., Ltd., ranked third, courtesy of Hurun Research Institute

  Hu Run said: "This year, the wealth of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the world experienced a decline, a V-shaped recovery, and a major outbreak. In the first two months after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, their wealth fell by 2.6 trillion. Yuan, in the second month, there was a V-shaped recovery, the e-commerce industry was the most prominent, and the third stage was a new economic explosion, represented by the new energy vehicle Tesla. After the epidemic, Chinese entrepreneurs The fastest recovery time." (End)