Soon .. Connecting courts and electricity companies to the credit report for individuals

"Credit Information": Scoring helps institutions manage the risk of borrowing requests.


Al Etihad Credit Bureau confirmed that the individuals' credit report does not show, at this time, their traffic violations, but this may happen in the future if it affects credit behavior.

In response to Emirates Today’s inquiries, which received inquiries in this regard, she revealed that the connection with the courts and water and electricity distribution companies will soon be made so that the credit report will be more comprehensive for non-bank obligations as well.

Accuracy and thoroughness

In detail, «Al Etihad Credit Information Company» confirmed that it is keen to update and develop its products, by adding new sources of information on an ongoing basis, pointing out that the courts and water and electricity distribution companies will soon be linked to the company's database, with the aim of adding more accuracy and comprehensiveness to the reports issued by the company And especially in non-bank financial obligations.

And she continued: "It is possible to consider adding traffic violations to the company's database, if it appears that there are correlation factors between those violations and the credit behavior of individuals, taking into account the company's future plans and relevant international standards."

Current information

The company stated that the credit report currently covers information on credit facilities granted by banks and financial institutions, returned checks registered, or provided by banks or the central bank, in addition to telecommunications bills from service operators "Du" and "Etisalat", while the reports will include data in the future. Additional services such as courts and tenant information.

Al-Etihad Credit Bureau explained that the credit rating consists of three numbers, between the number 300, which is the lowest, and the number 900, which is the highest, so that it changes based on the latest information contained in the credit report, pointing out that there are many factors that could affect the evaluation negatively. These include defaults or delay in paying dues, bounced checks, and taking more loans and credit cards.

The company stressed that credit evaluation helps institutions make better decisions related to managing borrowing request risks.

"Credit Information":

The inclusion of traffic offenses related to the behavior of individuals

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