Used paper diapers recycled for mass production Unicharm October 22, 17:48

As the number of people using disposable diapers increases due to the aging of the population, Unicharm, a major manufacturer of daily necessities, will set up production bases in Japan by 2030 to recycle pulp and paper from used disposable diapers into new products. It has been revealed that more than 10 locations will be built.

This was revealed at a press conference held by the company in Tokyo on the 22nd.

According to this, in 2030, a production base for cleaning used disposable diapers using special equipment and recycling them into new products using our unique technology to extract high-quality pulp and paper that meets national hygiene standards will be established in 2030. By then, more than 10 locations will be built in Japan.

Currently, most used disposable diapers are incinerated, and the issue was how to establish technologies for utilizing recycled resources and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The company has already conducted experiments for practical use in Kagoshima Prefecture, and plans to consider creating a mechanism to efficiently collect used disposable diapers in cooperation with local governments nationwide for mass production in the future.

Unicharm President Takahisa Takahara said, "Now that manufacturers are required to convey values ​​that consumers can sympathize with, we would like to create and expand a business model that regenerates value through recycling."