The Disneyland Paris theme park announces the start of construction of a solar power plant above the 17 hectares of parking spaces, whose production capacity will ultimately represent 17% of the site's energy needs.

The work is scheduled until 2023. 

Disneyland Paris announced Thursday that it has started construction of a solar power plant the size of 24 football pitches above the parking lot, whose production capacity will ultimately represent 17% of the site's energy needs.

The project will thus deploy over 17 hectares of parking spaces photovoltaic shades, kinds of awnings covered with 67,500 solar panels, which will at the same time shelter visitors from bad weather or the sun, detailed Disneyland Paris, in a published press release. on the occasion of World Energy Day.

750 tonnes of CO2 less per year in the local area of ​​Val d'Europe

This structure, built in partnership and co-investment with the French leader in solar photovoltaic Urbasolar, "allows both to optimize space and improve the comfort of visitors", stressed to AFP Damien Audric, director of the development of Disneyland Paris, the leading private tourist destination in Europe.

"This plant will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the tune of around 750 tonnes of CO2 per year within the local territory of Val d'Europe in Seine et Marne where the park is located", a he specified.

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The 31 GWH of electricity produced in the long term correspond "to the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of a city of 14,500 inhabitants", he explained.

According to Urbasolar, who will manage and operate this plant, it will be one of the largest photovoltaic shade houses in Europe.

"Innovation and preservation of the environment are part of the heritage handed down by Walt Disney and this ambitious project which uses solar energy illustrates Disneyland Paris' commitment to the subject", declared Natacha Rafalski, president of Disneyland Paris, cited in the press release.

A project until 2023 

Construction began in July at Disneyland Paris and "as it is a challenge to build while allowing the use of the parking lot, it is a site that will move in several stages" until 2023, "with a first operational from spring 2021 ", stressed Damien Audric.


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"A nod" to Disney magic, he added, "a Mickey's head, illuminated by LEDs will be visible at night from the sky, or on board the balloon installed in Disney Village".

This project is part of the environmental strategy conducted in recent years by Disneyland Paris, he recalled, and which has resulted in a series of measures ranging from the elimination of straws and single-use plastics to the creation of '' a wastewater treatment plant or a geothermal power plant that produces around 20 GWh.