China News Service, October 22. Feng Zhenglin, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said today that there is no timetable for the go-around of the 737MAX-8, as long as it conforms to the three principles of the go-around of China's civil aviation, it is happy to see its go-around.

  The State Council Information Office today held a press conference on the development achievements of the "13th Five-Year Plan" of transportation.

A reporter asked at the press conference: Boeing's regulators announced this year that the safety of their 737 large aircraft has reached relevant standards. Does the civil aviation regulatory authority of China agree with this statement?

When will China allow 737max aircraft to restart in China?

  Feng Zhenglin said that the issue of the 737MAX-8 is also a matter of great concern to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, because China has the largest number of grounded aircraft in the world.

Regarding the 737-MAX8 go-around, China has maintained technical cooperation and contact with FAA, Boeing, and the aviation regulatory agencies of the European Union. The president of Boeing has also talked to himself about the go-around twice.

  Feng Zhenglin said that China's civil aviation took the lead in grounding the 737MAX-8 globally, which is based on the concept of "zero tolerance" for safety hazards and the professionalism of being highly responsible for the safety of air transportation. It is highly responsible for the lives of the people.

With regard to the issue of the go-around, it is the same attitude. First, it is necessary to ensure that the design changes of the 737MAX-8 are safe and reliable.

When China exchanged views with the FAA and Boeing, it clearly put forward the three principles for China's civil aviation to go back to flight. These are: aircraft design changes must be approved for airworthiness; pilots must be fully and effectively trained; and the investigation conclusions of the two accidents It must be clear and the improvement measures are effective.

Based on these three principles, China has not set a timetable for the 737MAX-8's go-around. As long as it meets this requirement, it is happy to see a go-around, but if it fails to meet the requirements or does not meet the "three principles", then it must continue. Strict airworthiness certification to ensure safety.