"Double 11" starts the world's largest consumption season after the epidemic

  Our reporter Sun Qiru

  Those who are gearing up for "Double 11" will start this year's shopping spree ahead of schedule.

Yesterday, Tmall announced that the world's largest consumption season Tmall "Double 11" after the epidemic officially opened, and pre-sales started on October 21.

JD.com also announced today that it will officially start its 22-day "2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season" today.

  In the context of the global epidemic and the uncertainty of the world economy, the first "Double 11" since the epidemic carries the hope of promoting steady growth in consumption, and will undoubtedly become a special consumption festival that showcases the vitality of the digital economy and the dynamics of China's domestic demand.

Rules are no longer "brain-burning" live broadcast is the highlight

  In the past few years, consumers have often complained about the complexity of the "Double 11" rule, which is comparable to the number one.

This year, the "Double 11" discount method is no longer complicated and "brain-burning". Tmall consumers do not need to receive subsidies, and cross-store shopping can be directly reduced.

In order to make the offers simpler, JD.com displays the "Estimated Hand Price" on the product page, which will prompt consumers with available discount information, so that they can know the discounted price at a glance without complicated calculations.

  With the opportunity of the epidemic, digital economy consumption has become more popular.

This year's "Double 11", the tentacles of online consumption will also be fully extended to products that did not touch the Internet before.

"Tmall Haofang", which was established in September this year, will also join "Double 11" for the first time. Tmall's automotive business investment will reach the largest scale in history.

  As live streaming has become a standard feature of e-commerce platforms, chairman and presidents have come to live streaming rooms to bring goods.

Tmall revealed that during "Double 11", 400 CEOs are expected to come to the Taobao live broadcast room and 300 celebrities will come to help.

JD.com also said that there will be more than 300 celebrity live broadcasts and more than 500 CEO creative live broadcasts.

  The live broadcast camera will also be aimed at the fields, workshops and workshops, and mayors, county heads, and township chiefs will also enter the live broadcast room to let consumers know more about the quality of the source of goods.

"Conference period" extended to seize market opportunities

  Different from the previous year's zero o'clock on November 11, the purchase, payment of the balance and then waiting for the goods, this year Tmall "Double 11" is divided into two sales periods, November 1 to 3 is the first wave, November 11 is the second wave.

For consumers, "Double 11" is 3 days longer than in previous years. On November 1st, you can pay the balance of the pre-sold goods and receive the goods 10 days in advance.

  "This year's Double 11 will be a historic moment for us." Before March of this year, due to the epidemic, Zhejiang Yiwu Zexi Commodity Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in hair sticking equipment, lost 10 million orders. Fang Hao, the person in charge Determined to transform into domestic trade and join the ranks of embracing Tmall’s "Double 11".

Although it is the first time to participate in "Double 11", the early sales results gave him full confidence, "Domestic sales and foreign trade are definitely not the same rhythm. We need to constantly explore and divide into two sales waves to facilitate us to make flexible adjustments." Now, Zexi's factory is already at full capacity.

  Taobao Tmall President Jiang Fan said that as the world's largest consumption season after the epidemic, many merchants have strong expectations and expectations for "Double 11". The innovative setting of the two-wave sales period is to create longer business time for merchants. Window, consumers also have more time to fully choose.

  JD.com also announced that this year's "Double 11" time will be advanced, and the pre-sale period will start from October 21 to 31.

"In the 10-day period, consumers can purchase more calmly and reduce impulsive consumption." said Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of the platform business center of Jingdong Retail Group.

  Online feedback and offline support to boost business recovery

  The "Double 11" in 2020 is a domestic demand feast that China's economy urgently needs after the epidemic.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on October 19, my country's GDP in the first three quarters, calculated at comparable prices, increased by 0.7% year-on-year.

The total retail sales of consumer goods in the third quarter achieved positive year-on-year growth, and online retail sales continued to rise against the trend.

  This hard-won achievement has become a highlight of the global economy.

After the epidemic, from the country’s first shopping festival “38 Queen’s Day”, to “6.18”, and then to the scheduled “Double 11”, merchants and consumers on e-commerce platforms have jointly witnessed China’s economic development. Restart, pick up and accelerate across the board.

  Taking foreign trade factories and industrial belt merchants as examples, 2000 industrial belts, 300,000 foreign trade factories and 1.2 million merchants will enter the Tmall Double 11 for the first time.

Starting in October, the "One Dollar More Fragrant Festival" launched by Taobao Special Edition will run through the entire "Double 11".

  While the overseas epidemic has not yet improved, China's "Double 11" has also become an important festival for international brands.

Dozens of top global luxury brands such as Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, etc. will participate in Tmall’s "Double 11" for the first time this year, and more than 200 popular international top luxury products such as Burberry will participate in installments and interest-free.

  This year's epidemic has affected offline businesses the most.

In order to promote the revival of offline consumption and business vitality, and realize online-to-offline feedback, during the "Double 11" period, Alipay will hold the city life carnival for the first time, covering food and beverage delivery, leisure and entertainment, wine travel, medical treatment, beauty, and the same city. For retail, 2 million offline merchants will launch a 50% discount, and 900,000 catering merchants will have a 50% discount for the entire store.