Chinanews client, Beijing, October 20th (Peng Jingru) Is it retaliatory consumption or retaliatory making money?

When most people are still struggling with this multiple choice question, the rich have already given the answer.

  On October 20, the "2020 Hurun Rich List" was released. The number of people on the list increased by 32% and 579 people reached a record high. The total wealth of entrepreneurs on the list increased by nearly 10 trillion yuan over the previous year, which is equivalent to an increase Half of the UK's GDP for a year.

Among them, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and Nongfu Spring’s founder Zhong Sui Sui won the champion, second place, and Tanhua respectively.

Data map: Jack Ma.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

Won the first prize four times!

Ma Yun donated 100 billion is still the richest man

  Jack Ma, who claims to have "never touched money and is not interested in money", still has to further experience the feeling of "earning 1.2 billion a month is uncomfortable" this year.

  The list shows that the 56-year-old Jack Ma's wealth increased by 125 billion yuan, becoming China's richest man for the fourth time with 400 billion yuan.

  "After Ant Group goes public, Jack Ma will donate 100 billion yuan in charitable donations over the years, and he can still be the richest man in China!" said Hu Run, chairman and chief research officer of Hurun Report.

  In November 2019, Alibaba was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first Chinese Internet company to be listed in both the United States and Hong Kong. The current market value of Alibaba has exceeded 5 trillion yuan.

Recently, the Ant Group founded by Jack Ma has launched simultaneous listings in Shanghai and Hong Kong. After listing, it is expected that the market value will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan.

  With the listing of Ant, Jack Ma promised to donate his 610 million shares of Ant stock to charity. Together with the related shares of Alibaba and Yunfeng Fund he donated before, Jack Ma has donated wealth for charity over the years. The amount will reach 100 billion yuan.

  Not only Jack Ma, but also the earning power of his Ali department should not be underestimated.

  On the Hurun Report, the Ali department and the Haitian flavor industry each created 27 people on the list. “The 10 Chinese companies created a total of 137 people on the list, accounting for 6% of the total list, and the Haitian and Ali departments are the most. It also includes Transsion, Xiaomi, Wenshi, SF Express and Ningde Times, etc." Hu Run said.

  At the same time, he believes that the top three on the list have all been the richest men this year, and Jack Ma’s position as the richest man is very challenging.

Ma Huateng, who ranked second, grew by 130 billion yuan in wealth and is the entrepreneur with the largest increase in wealth on the list this year.

  In recent days, Tencent's stock price has continued to rise, and its market value once exceeded 5 trillion yuan.

In addition, Tencent has become one of the largest investment institutions in the world, and its investment income in the past year has also been substantial. Because of investments in Tesla, Pinduoduo, Meituan and, Tencent’s net profit in the first half of this year increased by 29% year-on-year. From the growth of online games and financial technology sectors.

Data map: Zhong Suisui, founder of Nongfu Spring.

Photo by Liu Guanguan of China News Agency

The strongest and newest-

Zhong Suisui, the founder of Nongfu Spring


Who is he?

  Zhong Sui Sui, ranked third, has rapidly grown wealth due to the listing of two of his companies. For the first time on the list, he became the strongest new generation with 365 billion yuan.

Because of Zhong Suansui's low-key, many netizens are asking: Who is this person?

  In fact, he is the founder of Nongfu Spring, which many people know.

In the past year, Zhong Suisui’s two companies, Wantai Biotech and Nongfu Spring, have been listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. The total market value of the two companies currently exceeds 400 billion yuan, of which Nongfu Spring has a market value of more than 350 billion yuan. The largest Chinese beverage company by market value.

  This "big dark horse" has had signs before. In September this year, Zhong Sui Sui won the "China's Richest Man Experience Card" for more than half an hour for the listing of Nongfu Spring.

On September 8, Nongfu Spring was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, opening at 39.8 Hong Kong dollars, 85.12% higher than the issue price of 21.5 Hong Kong dollars.

  With the opening of Nongfu Spring, Zhong Suisui once surpassed Ma Huateng (US$56.8 billion) on the latest Forbes China Rich List with a total net worth of 408.6 billion yuan (59.8 billion U.S. dollars) as China's new richest man.

  However, based on the closing price of the day, Zhong Suansui's net worth failed to maintain the position of the richest man in China, but he once pulled Ma Huateng and Ma Yun "two horses" off the horse. This experience is also quite exciting.

  Selling water is already quite powerful, but what's even more powerful is that Zhong Sui Sui doesn't just sell water.

  In April of this year, Wantai Bio, which has a "Women's Friends" halo because of its cervical cancer vaccine as its main product, landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It has soared from the issue price of 12.6 yuan per share, setting a cumulative record of more than 30 daily limit, and reaching 8 At the beginning of the month, it hit a high of 296.8 yuan.

  Tianyan Check shows that the largest shareholder of Wantai Bio is Yangshengtang, holding 56.98%; Zhong Suisui is the second largest shareholder, holding 18.17%.

However, Zhong Suansui personally holds 98.38% of the shares of Yangshengtang, and finally holds a total of 75.15% of the shares of Wantai Bio.

The top ten on the "2020 Hurun Report".

Busy making money!

The total wealth of China's billionaires exceeds Germany's GDP

  On the list, Zhong Suisui is not the only one who is very powerful.

  In 2020, the number of Hurun Rich List will increase by 32%, an increase of 579 from 1,819 in the previous year, reaching 2,397 entrepreneurs with wealth exceeding 2 billion.

Hu Run said: "The number of Chinese entrepreneurs on the list has increased to 2,398, a record high."

  Maybe there are really many people and great power, and wealth is also greatly increased.

The total wealth of the entrepreneurs on the list has increased by nearly 10 trillion yuan over the previous year, which is equivalent to an increase of half of the UK's GDP in one year, which is more than the total increase in the previous five years, reaching 27.5 trillion yuan.

  Hu Run said: "This year is the fastest year of wealth creation in history. The total wealth of Chinese entrepreneurs on the list has exceeded the GDP of Germany, the world's fourth largest economy."

  Specifically, the number of 100 billion-level entrepreneurs in China has doubled over the previous year, reaching 41, the highest number in history.

The number of tens of billions of entrepreneurs increased by nearly 200 from last year to 620, which is equivalent to an average increase of 4 per week this year.

  "There are 878 billion-dollar entrepreneurs in China, five times the number ten years ago." Hu Run said, "If Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are added, there are 1,000 billion-dollar entrepreneurs in Greater China, compared to the United States. There are only more than 600 people."

So many rich people!

Which industry can produce the richest?

  Overall, traditional industries still account for most of the country.

Entrepreneurs on the list accounted for 36% of emerging industries and 64% of traditional industries.

  Manufacturing is still the industry with the most entrepreneurs on the list this year, accounting for 23.8%, of which advanced manufacturing accounts for 60%.

  In the field of advanced manufacturing, the electronic components, new energy and new materials sectors ranked first, accounting for 63% of the total number of people on the list in the advanced manufacturing field.

  The representatives of electronic components are Zhou Qunfei and Zheng Junlong of the mobile phone glass screen manufacturer Lens Technology; the representative of new energy is Zeng Yuqun of the Ningde era of the electric vehicle battery manufacturer; the representative of new materials is Dawn, whose main business is polymer composite materials Yu Xiaoning, Han Limei and his wife.

Industry distribution of the "2020 Hurun Report".

Which one has the strongest increase in wealth?

The medical industry beats the real estate circle

  Real estate that chants "live" may really put "live" on the agenda this year.

  This time, the proportion of the number of people on the list in the real estate industry has fallen the most in recent years, from 14.8% in the previous year to 10.6%, falling out of the top two for the first time since 1999, ranking third.

  The top two real estate entrepreneurs on the rich list are still Hengda’s Xu Jiayin and Country Garden’s Yang Huiyan family, ranking the top ten with wealth of 235 billion yuan and 225 billion yuan respectively.

Zuo Hui, the owner of Shell, a real estate trading platform, grew wealth by nearly five times to 105 billion yuan.

  Hu Run said, “It’s hard to imagine that China’s largest real estate company by market value is now a real estate service company, that is, shells with a market value of more than 400 billion, rather than traditional real estate companies Evergrande or Country Garden. Zuo Hui ranks sixth in wealth in the real estate industry. The name surpasses Sun Hongbin of Sunac."

  Compared with real estate, the medical industry is on the rise.

Among them, the largest increase in wealth was the family of Li Jianquan, a newly listed company Sanitary Medical, whose wealth rose by 956%, becoming the richest man on the Sci-tech Innovation Board with 38 billion yuan.

In addition, Big Health has risen to the second largest industry with the most entrepreneurs on the list for the first time with a 10.9% share.

  The wealth of the Jiang Rensheng family of Chongqing "Vaccine King" Zhifei Biotechnology increased by 1.6 times to 135 billion yuan. The new crown virus vaccine developed by Zhifei Biotechnology has entered Phase III clinical trials; the family wealth of Li Jianquan, a medical protective equipment manufacturer such as masks, has increased Nearly ten times to 38 billion yuan; Hualan Biological’s Ankang family wealth has more than doubled to 52 billion yuan; WuXi AppTec’s Li Ge and Zhaoning’s wealth increased by 63% to 49 billion yuan.

  "The impact of the epidemic on China's economy and entrepreneurs is not as severe as expected. The ChiNext Index, Shenzhen Component Index and Nasdaq are still up 70%, 45% and 48% over the same period last year." Hu Run said, This year, the wealth of the world's top 100 entrepreneurs experienced a decline, V-shaped recovery to a big explosion, and Chinese entrepreneurs recovered the fastest.

  The rich have almost "take off in place", how about you?