US government will

announce a

lawsuit against Google



for a

monopoly in the internet search and ad markets

, which could lead to a legal war and the largest antitrust case in decades.

The lawsuit will argue that Google maintains its role as the "main gatekeeper of access" to the Internet through "an illegal network of exclusive deals to curb its competitors," according to The Wall Street Journal, citing Justice Department sources.

Specifically, it will accuse Google, a subsidiary of


, of using billions of dollars collected from ads on its platform to

pay phone companies and other search engines to keep it as their basic search engine.

The Mountain View, California-based tech giant controls about 80% of internet searches in the US.

In recent years,

technology giants have faced criticism from different governments

and organizations such as the European Union (EU), due to the large amount of power they accumulate, the exorbitant benefits they obtain and the low taxes they pay.

With Google's transformation into one of the tech giants, the company has been closely watched by the US authorities, and the country's Federal Trade Commission, which also has the authority to investigate monopoly cases, since It has carried out investigations around Google, although it ended them in 2013 without sufficient evidence.

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