“The closer we are to the date of the election of the President of the United States, the more volatility is likely to increase in the global capital market.

And in the same way it will be transferred to the foreign exchange market, both the global international foreign exchange market and our domestic foreign exchange market will also get a little, ”the expert said.

Blinov noted that despite the beginning of the heating season all over the world, "we do not see any stable dynamics in the commodity market."

“However, at the same time, prices for the main brands of oil do not go too far from the marks of $ 40-41 per barrel.

We will be feeling a little nervous that the coronavirus exists and it hasn't gone anywhere.

Well, by themselves, the general geopolitical problems, which also have not gone anywhere, will also put pressure on the exchange rate of the national currency, both against the euro and against the dollar, ”he added.

Earlier, the euro rate on the Moscow Exchange rose by 66 kopecks and exceeded 92 rubles.

The dollar rate increased by 30 kopecks - up to 77.97 rubles.