China News Service, Beijing, October 20 (Liu Liang) After the single-quarter growth rate turned positive in the second quarter, China achieved a positive turn from negative to positive GDP growth in the third quarter, which aroused strong attention from foreign media.

The economic recovery continues to be strong

  According to data released by Chinese officials on the 19th, China's gross domestic product (GDP) in the first three quarters, calculated at comparable prices, increased by 0.7% year-on-year.

In quarterly terms, the first quarter fell 6.8% year-on-year, the second quarter increased 3.2%, and the third quarter increased 4.9%.

From a month-on-month perspective, the GDP in the third quarter increased by 2.7%.

  CNN reported that, after achieving 3.2% economic growth in the second quarter, China’s economic growth of 4.9% in the third quarter showed a strong economic recovery after the Chinese epidemic, especially when other countries are still deeply mired in economic and economic conditions. In the quagmire of the epidemic, the rapid rebound of China's economy is “outstanding” worldwide.

  "The economic growth of 4.9% is much higher than the 3.2% increase in the second quarter, marking that China's economy has improved significantly from the historical decline at the beginning of the year." The British "Financial Times" wrote that China's industrial output and consumption in the third quarter The bright performance of other data has provided a strong impetus for China's continued recovery after the epidemic.

  The Wall Street Journal also pointed out that half a year ago, the epidemic hit China's economy severely. Today, China's continued economic recovery further proves the strength of China's economy. From the perspective of overall employment rate, consumption, import and export and other economic indicators, China's economic recovery speed Obviously faster than other countries.

  The scope of economic recovery continues to expand

  Foreign media generally believe that China's strong economic recovery in the third quarter, strong anti-epidemic measures and the continuous expansion of economic recovery have played a key role.

  The Associated Press reported that strict epidemic prevention and control measures have created a favorable environment for China's economic recovery. China's economic recovery is expanding and its reliance on government stimulus measures is also decreasing.

"In the third quarter, the added value of China's industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 5.8% year-on-year, which was a significant improvement compared with the contraction in the first half of the year."

  The British "Financial Times" pointed out that at a time when global economic growth is still under severe pressure, China, as the world's second largest economy, with the support and promotion of the government and other sectors, is now showing signs of extending from the industrial recovery to the consumer sector.

"Retail sales lagging behind the overall economic recovery also set the best performance this year."

  The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that this year's "Eleventh" Golden Week is a microcosm of China's extensive economic recovery.

Affected by international travel restrictions, many Chinese people have turned to domestic travel and consumption.

During the "Eleventh" period, the number of tourists received and income in China both increased significantly compared with the beginning of the year. In some places, such as Hainan Province, tax-free consumption more than doubled last year.

  The New York Times reported that under the current outbreaks in the United States and Europe are facing new impacts, China's leading advantage in economic recovery will be further expanded in the coming months.

The share of Chinese companies in global exports is rising. Manufacturing, consumer electronics, personal protective equipment and other products that are in high demand during the epidemic will become the growth point of China's economy.

  Inject confidence into the world economy but challenges remain

  The continuous recovery of China's economy has also brought warm light to the "dark moment" of the global economy.

  The Associated Press stated that China is the only major economy that is expected to achieve growth this year when the economies of the United States, Europe and Japan are shrinking, which brings a glimmer of hope for the global economic recovery.

  According to CNN, China's economy and society are speeding up to return to a normal track, and the economy has shown strong momentum and resilience, which will also help the world economy recover.

  According to Reuters, global policymakers are pinning their hopes on China's strong economic recovery in order to restart demand. Major economies are currently struggling to cope with the strict blockade and the second wave of the epidemic.

  But at the same time, China's economic growth still faces many challenges.

The Nikkei Asian Review predicts that China's future economy will maintain a growth trend, but in the context of weak global demand, it is also expected to pose challenges to the economic recovery of China and other countries.

  The US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) quoted a Chinese official press spokesperson as saying that China’s economy is recovering steadily, but the current international situation is still complex and severe, with many unstable and uncertain factors. The international epidemic prevention and control and the local pressure on the domestic epidemic are relatively high. Big.

The Chinese economy is still in the process of recovery, and the foundation for sustained recovery needs to be consolidated.