Kim Jae-ik, a courier driver, has been working with a black memorial ribbon on his vest for several months already.

Already this month alone, three people and twelve courier workers died of overwork this year.

Not long after I met Kim and heard about the reality of being forced to exclude industrial accidents, the news of another courier driver was delivered.

For the time being, the courier workers including Mr. Kim were busy doing the delivery job without removing the Geunjo ribbon.

● Hanjin Courier rings twice with bereaved family "Judgment of overworked death due to chronic illness, confirmed by acquaintances who died"

"The fact that I've been working so far with almost a big luggage...If I go to that house (in the morning) after eating and washing at 5 pm, and going to the terminal right away, I can't sleep and have to organize my stuff again. I know that my brothers are asking me to make money, but I promised. Also becomes the same again. I'm so hard."

-A message

sent to a colleague by Kim Mo, who died on the 12th at 04:28, sent to a colleague by a

36-year-old Kim Mo of Hanjin Express, who was confirmed to have worked until 4:28 a.m. four days before


death at 04:28. It.

One year and three months after starting the courier job, Mr. Kim's weight has decreased by nearly 20kg.

Even after the Chuseok express delivery period, the day when delivery had to be completed stayed up all night.

In Kim's mobile phone calendar, shipments from 200 to 300, and as many as 400, were recorded all over the place.

It's Too Hard, Mr. Kim's appeal to reduce the quantity was not finally accepted.

However, the explanation of Hanjin Express is absurd.

It is a position that Mr. Kim's death is due to a chronic disease, and the courier union claims that Hanjin Courier has never contacted the family since his death, rather than asking his family about Kim's chronic disease.

Then, how did Hanjin Courier know about Kim's chronic illness, which even the bereaved did not know?

An official from Hanjin Express said, "I heard that Mr. Kim's death was a cardiovascular disorder from an acquaintance of the deceased at the funeral. Based on this, we judge it as a death due to a chronic disease."

This is a misleading description.

As a result of the autopsy, it is true that the deceased's cause of death is cardiovascular impairment, but there is no evidence that this can be considered as a chronic disease.

Mr. Kim had a sturdy physique over 190cm and a healthy constitution without the usual medicine.

Rather, cardiovascular disease is regarded as a leading cause of overwork.

It is too difficult to be an explanation from Hanjin Courier, the second place in the industry, to Mr. Kim, who died as a representative disease of overwork while working in an obvious overworked environment.

The bereaved family and colleagues complain that Hanjin Express is killing the deceased twice.

● "Will I be the next one"...

CJ Logistics prevents memorial service

Reports of some of the store owners spreading malicious rumors about the late Kim Won-jong of CJ Logistics who collapsed and died during delivery on the 8th.

It was at the request of Mr. Kim himself that some store owners said "I will only inform the facts" of Mr. Kim's death, or that the deceased person traded stocks and always until 3:30 p.m. They spread unconfirmed facts about the deceased in such a way that it was delivered after reading the market and urged drivers to crack down.

In fact, it is to stop the atmosphere of tribute to Mr. Kim.

At CJ Logistics' Busan Wooam Terminal, a commemorative incense burner and Yeongjeong were forcibly demolished and found in trash cans.

Colleagues ask if this is a human dory or not.

● A courier worker who is in business all year round…

As the

season changed from summer to autumn, many bereaved family members had to hold a picket in front of CJ Logistics and Hanjin Express' headquarters.

Someone's son, someone's younger brother, someone's husband, who can't come back anymore.

The bereaved family always appealed, "Let this death be the last."

On August 13th, when introducing'Day without Courier Delivery' for the first time in history, Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Jae-gap made a'Joint Declaration to Guarantee Rest for Courier Workers' with four major couriers including Hanjin Courier.

The Minister of Labor and courier companies declared in front of the public, saying, "We try not to deliver late-night delivery to ensure sufficient break time for couriers."

But the declaration is so overwhelming that the courier workers are dying.

If you think of the courier workers who are working with grief today, you should not just pass their screams.

The government and courier companies must come up with special measures to put in sorting personnel as soon as possible and prevent overwork.

Otherwise, the death of another courier worker, there is no law.