A Tesla vehicle on August 10, 2016 in San Francisco, USA.



Until now, Tesla offered its customers who were not satisfied with their electric vehicle to return it within seven days of their purchase.

But this money-back guarantee no longer applies in the United States, as reported by


, relayed by 


The American manufacturer has, in fact, modified the conditions for returning vehicles on its American website.

The platform no longer mentions any replacement policy in the event of non-satisfaction.

From now on, customers who wish to return their Tesla vehicle will still be able to do so but will have to go through after-sales service with a much more complex process.

France not yet concerned

For the moment, France is not affected by this change in Tesla's policy.

The French site states: “Subject to our present conditions, if you are not satisfied with your vehicle, you can return it within seven days.

»To proceed with this type of replacement, however, the vehicle must display less than 1,600 kilometers on the odometer and not have any signs of wear or damage.

This one-week money-back guarantee has long been a sales argument for the brand.

No one knows yet whether this provision will disappear in all the countries where Tesla sells its vehicles.


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