Vice Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission: GEM has accepted 414 applications for issuance and listing

  China News Service, Beijing, October 18 (Reporter Wang Enbo) Yan Qingmin, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, stated in Beijing on the 18th that the ChiNext reform and pilot registration system has been effective for more than a month, and the ChiNext has accepted 414 applications for issuance and listing. .

  The State Council Information Office held a press conference that day.

Yan Qingmin introduced at the meeting that after the central government issued a document last year to support Shenzhen’s construction of a pilot demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics, the China Securities Regulatory Commission established a leading group headed by its chairman Yi Huiman, launched the reform of the Growth Enterprise Market and piloted the registration system to provide high-level external services. 17 measures in 3 areas including opening up and market innovation.

  He revealed that as of October 15th, the ChiNext has accepted a total of 414 applications for issuance and listing of companies. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has approved 93 companies, 42 companies have been registered by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and 36 companies have been listed.

Refinancing and major asset reorganization have implemented the registration system simultaneously. The first major asset reorganization of a listed company has been registered.

  Talking about how the Securities Regulatory Commission will implement the Shenzhen Comprehensive Reform Pilot Implementation Plan and the tasks involving the capital market in the first batch of comprehensive reform authorization items list, Yan Qingmin said that he will focus on optimizing the service functions of the GEM that has implemented the registration system, and make better use of entrepreneurship The board's service to growth-oriented innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises has accumulated experience for the reform of the stock market.

Efforts will be made to support the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in deepening its sector reforms, building a high-quality innovative capital center and a world-class exchange.

  In terms of supporting the transfer of listed companies on the NEEQ selected tier, he said that the China Securities Regulatory Commission has issued guidance on the transfer of listings to the Science and Technology Innovation Board and ChiNext, and is formulating relevant rules to open up organic channels for multi-level capital markets.

  In addition, the government will also focus on steadily expanding the pilot stock options to better meet the needs of investors for risk management, and at the same time make institutional arrangements for achieving long-term incentives for innovation, entrepreneurship and creative industries.

Efforts will be made to improve the transparency and efficiency of private equity fund managers and product registration and filing, and create a good environment for the development of the private equity industry. In particular, support the deep integration of technology and finance to promote the development of Shenzhen to a higher level and higher level.