Beijing, October 16 (Reporter Yu Jingxian) The reporter recently learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Since the third quarter, my country's agricultural product market has generally been adequately supplied, and the market has been operating basically smoothly. Prices have been generally stable and increased due to consumption recovery.

According to monitoring, my country's agricultural product wholesale price 200 index in the third quarter was 119.34 (using 2015 as 100), an increase of 2.24 points from the previous quarter and an increase of 7.67 points from the same period last year.

  In terms of varieties, food prices have recovered and the fluctuations are still within a reasonable range. Corn prices have increased relatively large and have stabilized recently; the number of imported soybeans has increased significantly, while domestic soybean prices have fallen from high levels.

  "People's Daily" (Version 01, October 17, 2020)