[Explanation] On the afternoon of October 16, the 2020 "Maker China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Finals (hereinafter referred to as "Maker China" Finals) ended in Luoyang, Henan, the finals of international top software robots and other projects After winning the laurels, the light of domestic products gradually shines.

  [Explanation] In the finals, 5G chips, high-end manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine... a number of high-tech projects staged a roadshow.

  [Explanation] In the enterprise group, during the road show of the SRT innovative end effector (soft robot) project, the video of the software manipulator grabbing egg yolks, egg dumplings, and raw dough sticks was displayed, which attracted the attention of the participants.

  [Concurrent period] 2020 "Maker China" entrepreneurial group first prize, SRT innovative end effector project leader Gao Shaolong

  The automated handling of special-shaped and fragile products has been unable to solve it, which has led to a large number of human labor links. Software robotics technology is developed for the market of such a huge flexible special-shaped and fragile product handling.

We can be proud to say that we are definitely "the light of domestic products" and we are doing better than the United States.

  [Explanation] In this competition, four projects including SRT innovative end effector (soft robot), high-end precision CNC machine tools, 5G chip modules, and magnetic levitation melting equipment manufacturing won the finals.

  [Concurrent period] 2020 "Maker China" entrepreneurial group first prize, SRT innovative end effector project leader Gao Shaolong

  I think all participating teams are top-notch in technology in the country. We also hope that we will have the opportunity to learn a lot of new knowledge, including to compete with world-class levels. We also hope that we can take root in China with our knowledge and serve practically. In our Chinese industry, it has brought our entire Chinese manufacturing industry to a new level.

  [Explanation] This year's competition, more than 25,000 entrepreneurial innovation projects, through 35 regional competitions, 17 special competitions in the early stage, competed out of China's "Top 24" to participate in the finals, the competition is divided into two groups: enterprise and maker Proceed and judge the first, second and third prizes.

  Reporter Li Chaoqing reports from Luoyang, Henan

Editor in charge: [Tao Guangxiong]