China News Agency, Sao Paulo, October 16th (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) Nearly 100 entrepreneurs from China and Brazil held an online exchange meeting on the 16th local time to discuss the current economic and trade cooperation between China and Brazil, expressing that they will strengthen cooperation between the business communities of the two countries , To promote the pragmatic cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries to a new level.

  Chinese Ambassador to Brazil Yang Wanming attended the online exchange meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

He said that currently, the global epidemic has not yet been fully controlled, the world economy is in a downturn, and protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise.

Faced with many complex external factors, China-Pakistan pragmatic cooperation has shown sufficient resilience and great vitality.

This year, the bilateral trade has maintained growth against the trend, and investment cooperation has also made positive progress.

This report card is not only the result of the concerted efforts of the companies of the two countries, but also shows that the two countries have a solid foundation for practical cooperation, highly complementary, equal and mutually beneficial.

It is expected that companies from both sides will continue to boost confidence, broaden their thinking, strengthen coordination, and promote pragmatic cooperation between China and Pakistan in the post-epidemic era to ensure volume, growth, and quality.

  Neves, chairman of the Pakistan-China Business Council, said that China's outstanding achievements in coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development have attracted worldwide attention and have become the main driving force for the recovery of the world economy after the epidemic.

Seizing the "China Opportunity" is crucial to the recovery after the Pakistan epidemic.

The Pakistan-China Entrepreneur Committee is willing to further play a constructive role to promote the strengthening of exchanges between the companies and trade associations of the two countries, to tap the potential of bilateral cooperation, and to promote Pakistan-China practical cooperation in various fields such as trade, finance and investment to achieve greater results and benefit the two peoples .

  Wang Yansong, President of Brazil Chinese Enterprises Association and Chairman of XCMG Brazil Manufacturing, said that since its establishment in 2014, the Brazil China Enterprise Association has continued to grow and develop. There are 110 members covering China and Brazil in energy, power, agriculture, finance, and manufacturing. , Trade and other major areas of cooperation.

Facing the challenge of the epidemic, Chinese-funded enterprises in Pakistan faced difficulties, sought opportunities in crisis, and achieved positive results.

The association will further assist the investment and operation of Chinese-funded enterprises in Pakistan, and promote practical cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan.