How about using Shenzhen Xiti's tens of millions of digital RMB red envelopes?

  Our reporter Yang Yangteng

  Recently, participants of the Shenzhen "Luohu Digital RMB Red Packet" received text messages of the lottery results.

After receiving the 200 yuan "digital renminbi red envelope", the winners can go to 3389 merchants in Luohu District that have completed the digital renminbi system transformation.

  What does the digital renminbi look like?

how to use?

Shenzhen resident Li Wangxian told reporters that after receiving the winning text message, she downloaded and installed the digital renminbi app according to the link provided in the text message. After registering and logging in, the app pops up a red envelope, click "get it now", and the red envelope becomes "digital renminbi" pattern.

The pattern is similar to a part of 100 yuan cash renminbi, the upper left corner is the national emblem, the bottom is marked with 200 yuan, and the upper right corner is written "People's Bank of China".

In addition, the upper part of the APP interface displays "Slide up payment", the lower part displays "Slide down payment", and a QR code appears when you swipe up and down.

  "After receiving the digital RMB red envelope, I immediately bought something at a convenience store and tried it out." Li Wangxian said, "Paying with digital RMB is similar to using WeChat or Alipay. It is very convenient to scan the code directly. Now everyone is used to it. I have already adopted electronic payments, but I will inevitably have concerns about payment security. This time the central bank’s launch of the digital renminbi made me feel safer."

  It is understood that the total scale of the "digital renminbi red envelopes" is 10 million yuan, and a total of 50,000 red envelopes are issued to individuals in Shenzhen, each with an amount of 200 yuan, which is a routine test in the digital renminbi research and development process.

Consumers can use it in batches according to the actual transaction situation without having to spend it all at once.

Li Wangxian showed to reporters that her wallet balance was still 179.5 yuan.

  According to the rules of use, the validity period of this red envelope is from 18:00 on October 12th to 24:00 on October 18th, and the unused balance after the validity period will be collectively recovered.

Red envelopes can only be used in 3389 merchants in Luohu District that have completed the digital RMB system transformation. They cannot be transferred to others or redeemed to their bank accounts.

  What is the difference between digital renminbi and previous electronic payments?

From the consumer's intuitive experience, there is not much difference in experience between using central bank digital currency payment and using WeChat and Alipay.

However, the essence is different.

WeChat and Alipay are just payment tools, and personal bank card balances are still used through these two channels.

Digital currency is a digital legal tender issued by the People's Bank of China, which is equivalent to cash.

Moreover, the digital renminbi is legally repayable and can pay all public and private debts in the country. Any unit or individual cannot refuse to accept it if it meets the conditions for acceptance.

  Not only that, the digital RMB also supports dual offline payments.

Even if the devices of both parties in the transaction are offline, a series of operations such as transfer and payment can be completed by "touching".

At the same time, compared with traditional currencies, which are easier to counterfeit and have risks of money laundering, digital renminbi can meet the needs of portability and security while maintaining the properties of cash.

The People's Bank of China can also grasp the full amount of information and use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to analyze transaction data and capital flow, prevent and combat money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion and other illegal and criminal activities, and effectively maintain financial stability.

Yang Yangteng