About 120 Albert Heijn supermarkets in the south of Gelderland and Brabant are struggling with empty shelves in the fresh produce department.

A fire at the distribution center in Tilburg made thousands of pallets with fresh products unusable, a spokesperson for the supermarket chain confirmed to NU.nl after a report from

Omroep Brabant.

The fire broke out in a truck last Wednesday and then spread to the warehouse of the distribution center.

Due to the short fire in the warehouse, 8,000 pallets of food had to be thrown away because they had suffered smoke and fire damage, a team leader of a Brabant supermarket branch told

Omroep Brabant


It concerns pallets with fresh products, such as vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat products.

On the shelves are notes pointing out the shortage of products to customers: "Due to an incident at the distribution center, you may find less well-stocked compartments today than you are used to from us", it says.

Since Friday morning, the distribution center has been trying to get the stores back up and running as quickly as possible.

That is expected to take another one to three days, the spokesman said.