[Explanation] The opening of the 3rd China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the CIIE) is about to open. From just 6 days of the exhibition to an open platform that never ends in 365 days, the CIIE has become a platform for overseas companies to understand and enter the Chinese market. Important way.

  Recently, a reporter from China News Agency interviewed Xue Yingjie, general manager of Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port Group.

He said that the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for China.

The rapid recovery of China's consumer market and the emergence of a number of new economies and new business forms during the epidemic have shown the world the strong resilience and bright prospects of China's economy, and further strengthened the determination of foreign investors to invest in China. In the future, foreign investment will become the new normal.

  [Concurrent] Xue Yingjie, General Manager of Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port Group

  I have received a lot of information. More foreign businessmen and more categories are willing to participate in the CIIE. In fact, after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic this year, it may be a major global exhibition of this kind, and more Foreign businessmen can find that they can see China’s economic recovery as the most effective and fastest recovery, so it also gives them more enthusiasm to participate. They also completely put their own future business development and want to put more Chinese consumers (body), or the development of the Chinese region.

  [Explanation] In fact, a number of overseas companies have expressed their confidence in the Chinese market with practical actions.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the exhibition area of ​​the third CIIE has exceeded the scale of the previous one. Fortune 500 companies and leading companies in the industry are also actively participating, and a number of companies have signed up to participate in the next three CIIEs.

These overseas businessmen who are optimistic about the Chinese market have also had an unusual chemical reaction with the Chinese market.

  [Concurrent] Fu Luyong, executive director of a Japanese company

  The needs of "post-90s" and "post-00s" are something we are very concerned about, so we add anime and sake, these two most typical Japanese products. The real consumer groups of sake are not our "post-50s" and "post-60s". , Is a young man, he has a drink, this thing is something we do now.

  [Explanation] Up to now, 160 merchants from 64 countries and regions have settled in Greenland Trading Port, set up 39 national pavilions, and introduced more than 80,000 imported goods.

In addition, since its opening, the cumulative transaction scale of the Greenland Trade Port platform has exceeded RMB 50 billion, and it has successfully facilitated nearly 5,000 CIIE commodities in more than 50 categories to enter the circulation markets of 22 major provinces and cities in China.

Xue Yingjie said that Greenland hopes to replicate the trading port model throughout China, making the trading port a ship that overseas merchants can board and sail to the entire Chinese market, and truly allow overseas traders to enter the country as soon as they enter China through the CIIE.

  [Concurrent] Xue Yingjie, General Manager of Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port Group

  In fact, we have deployed the perennial service platform of the China International Import Expo, Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port, in more than ten regions across the country.

Through such a nationwide distribution, consumers in more regions of China will be able to enjoy these imported goods as quickly as those consumers in Shanghai and East China.

  Zhang Jian Shanghai Report

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