After the holiday, the ticket price of the plane diving from Beijing to Sanya is 400 yuan

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Wen Jing) After the National Day holiday, the number of tourists dropped significantly.

According to statistics, after the National Day to mid-to-late October and November, the average price of domestic tourism products such as group tours and free travel dropped by 30%-60%.

Coupled with large-scale off-season promotions on the Internet, the prices of some popular National Day routes have almost been cut in half.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found on the travel website that in the next month, the minimum airfare from Beijing to Sanya will be reduced to 400 yuan, and the daily lowest price is only 677 yuan, which is half the price of 1,000 yuan during the National Day. .

  In addition, recently, the lowest price of air tickets from Beijing to Dali, Lijiang, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xi’an and other popular tourist destinations is not more than 400 yuan. Some cities can even buy air tickets for more than 200 yuan, which is more expensive than second-class high-speed rail tickets. Much cheaper.

  In terms of group tours, Ctrip data shows that with the end of the National Day, the market price of tourism has fallen, and the pretenders and silver-haired tribes chose to start the "uphill" and "off the sea" cross-peak tour mode after the National Day.

For example, during the National Day holiday, the northwest tour from the fire to the explosion, the heat drops rapidly after the holiday. A large circle of Ganqing and Qinghai on Ctrip. "Xining + Qinghai Lake + Delingha + Dunhuang + Jiayuguan + Zhangye + Lanzhou 10 days and 9 nights group tour" In mid-to-late October, the price has been reduced to around 3,000 yuan, a 60% drop compared to the National Day period.