A number of "world's best" will appear in the "Bite of the Tongue CIIE"

  Right: The CIIE has built a platform for the accelerated entry of global high-quality food and agricultural products into the Chinese market.

The picture shows citizens shopping in the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center.

Photo by our reporter Zhang Yichen

  ■Reporter Xu Jinghui

  Thousands of companies from nearly a hundred countries and regions participated in the exhibition. There were not only the global top 500 companies and industry leaders, but also many small and medium-sized food companies and foreign national exhibition organizations. The food and agricultural products exhibition area of ​​the China International Import Expo has always been “grounded” "And attracted much attention.

The reporter learned from the presentation meeting of the food and agricultural products exhibition area of ​​the 3rd CIIE held yesterday that the "Bite of the Tongue" will bring many "bests in the world" and present the surprise of a better life for everyone.

  A batch of dazzling exhibits unveiled

  In the food field, a number of "world's best" will be gathered in the exhibition hall of the third CIIE, presenting "the deliciousness on the tip of the tongue".

At yesterday’s presentation meeting, a group of dazzling exhibits were unveiled: turkey noodles from Samyang Co., known as one of the world’s hottest instant noodles, East Timor cat dung coffee, one of the world’s rarest coffees, " The King of Whisky" Royal Salute Snow Polo Limited Edition...

  Zhou Lingyan, deputy general manager of the exhibition department of the CIIE, introduced that the food and agricultural products exhibition area of ​​the third CIIE will use halls 1.1, 2.1 and 2.2. There are thousands of companies from nearly 100 countries and regions participating in the exhibition, the world’s top 500 and industry leaders There are nearly 30 companies, which is the largest number of participating countries and companies in all exhibition areas.

At present, companies in the exhibition area have applied for 1043 booth activities, including tasting, performance, promotion, signing, etc. The champion team that won the Baking World Cup for the first time will also perform bread baking.

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  It is reported that the food and agricultural products exhibition area will focus more on the theme of "health", and a batch of healthy products that improve immunity and exhibits with environmentally friendly factors that conform to the industry's innovative development trend will be unveiled one after another.

In addition, Zhou Lingyan introduced that in accordance with the overall requirements of the epidemic prevention and control plan, the 3rd CIIE will not only provide green channels for entry exhibits, but also strengthen food epidemic prevention testing, especially for cold chain exhibits. Full-process closed-loop management of warehouses, centralized testing, and unified admission to the museum ensures the safe display of cold chain foods, and requires fully cooked exhibits for tasting.

  Leading companies in the dairy industry gather

  Zhou Lingyan introduced that the exhibition area of ​​dairy products companies participating in the third CIIE is nearly 10,000 square meters. Six of the top eight well-known overseas companies in the world of dairy products will participate. The world's top 500 and leading companies will participate in the food and agricultural products exhibition area. Among enterprises, about one-third are related to the dairy industry.

Dairy companies have expressed their hope to expand their market share in China by participating in the exhibition, gather the power of the entire industry chain such as breeding, breeding, production, research and development, and testing, continuously improve the technological content of their products, and provide Chinese consumers with diversified and innovative dairy products. product.

  Since last year's CIIE, Danone has introduced nearly 40 items from Germany, France and other countries to the Chinese market.

Zhou Zhigang, vice president of Danone Greater China, told reporters that this year Danone has brought new products such as Aiyunmei probiotics, ultra-high-end infant formula powder Essensis series, and Newcomer 1+.

  Han Li, vice president of Fonterra Greater China, introduced that Fonterra will bring the world premiere of Anjia probiotic products and Anjia high-calcium low-fat pure milk at this CIIE.

In addition, new products such as Anjia Mellow Snow Top Cream and Anjia Cheese Cream will also be launched in China.

  It is reported that the China International Import Expo Bureau has previously established a dairy industry professional committee to build an important platform for dairy companies, especially international dairy companies, to strengthen communication and coordination and solve common challenges.