LCC "Zip Air" under the umbrella of Japan Airlines Starts operating passenger flights October 16 12:54


While the aviation industry has been severely hit by the new coronavirus, "Zip Air" under the umbrella of Japan Airlines, which has continued to operate exceptionally by converting passenger planes to cargo flights, will connect Narita Airport and Seoul, South Korea on the 16th. So, for the first time, we started the flight with passengers.

The international LCC = low-cost carrier "Zip Air" established by Japan Airlines has been forced to postpone the service of passenger flights scheduled for May due to the spread of infection, and the passenger aircraft will be converted to cargo flights. So, we have continued the unusual operation of transporting cargo.

And this month, with the government's immigration restrictions being relaxed worldwide, passenger flights between Narita Airport and Seoul began to operate twice a week from the 16th.

The number of passengers on the first flight, which departed from Narita after 9 am, was only two, including those returning to South Korea, and Zip Air said that it was sluggish because reservations were just about to start.

At the boarding gate, flight attendants and other related parties smiled at the passengers and waved their hands to see off the departure.

Shingo Nishida, president of Zip Air, said, "It was a very difficult situation, but I am impressed with the arrival of passenger flights. I hope that the number of reservations will increase due to the relaxation of immigration restrictions." I did.