Peanuts are rich in nutrients and have a wide range of uses, and their prices have been rising in recent years.

In 2018, the price of peanuts was about RMB 2, 3 per catty. In 2020, the price of peanuts per catty rose to 5 or 6 yuan.

  Why does the price of peanuts continue to rise?

Now, it is the golden autumn in October, and when the peanuts are harvested again, what is the quality of the new peanuts?

Will prices continue to rise?

  In Zhengyang County, Henan Province, peanut planting is usually stable at more than 1.7 million mu, with an annual output of more than 500,000 tons. It has become "the largest peanut plantation county in China" for 23 consecutive years.

As an important peanut producing area, Zhengyang is even known as the "peanut capital of China".

  Zhengyang's peanuts are made of one fruit and two grains. The grains are full, the mouth is sweet and crisp, and the mouth is full of fragrance.

  Zhengyang’s peanut output per mu in previous years was about 350 kilograms, and this year it can reach about 400 kilograms. Liu Yanli, secretary of the Zhengyang County Party Committee of Henan Province, told reporters that Zhengyang’s peanuts are of good quality and high output this year. The use of new peanut varieties and techniques, on the other hand, this year's climatic conditions are conducive to the growth of peanuts.

  On the eve of the eleventh, the reporter came to Wangdutang Village in Zhengyang County to learn about the peanut harvest here this year.

  In Zhengyang, peanuts are divided into two seasons. This season happens to be when the summer peanuts mature.

  Peanut grower Luo Songshan: Peanuts planted in March are called spring peanuts. Summer peanuts are peanuts planted in June after the autumn crops are harvested. They are called summer peanuts.

The harvest of spring peanuts and summer peanuts are staggered for more than two months. The price of a pound of spring peanuts is generally about 1 yuan higher than that of summer peanuts.

  Luo Songshan said that the current price is 4.5 yuan per catty, which refers to the price of peanuts without the shell, which is also called "tong rice".

For summer peanuts, how is the price this year compared to last year?

  Peanut grower Luo Songshan: The price of a pound is 0.4-0.5 yuan higher than last year. Due to drought last year, the quality of peanuts was not as good as this year.

The better the quality of peanuts, the higher the price, the worse the quality, and the less people want it.

  Through interviews, it was found that peanut growers said that the quality of peanuts this year was better, and the output was much higher than last year.

  The output of peanuts has increased. What changes will the purchase price of peanuts have now?

  Zhang Ganghong, a local peanut wholesaler, told reporters that the price of peanuts has been rising in the past few years, from 2,3 yuan in 2018 to 3 or 4 yuan in 2019, and in 2020, it once rose to more than 6 yuan per catty.

But now, the price of peanuts has not stabilized last year and fluctuates a bit.

  Peanut wholesaler Zhang Ganghong: The price fluctuates greatly this year. Spring peanuts cost more than 6 yuan per catty, but now they fall to 5 yuan per catty, and a ton has lost more than 2,000 yuan.

  What caused the price fluctuation of peanuts?

Could someone stock up on it?

  Zhang Ganghong said that peanuts have a period of deterioration, and the temperature is too high. He will not take the initiative to store peanuts. Generally, only when the price of peanuts is too low, will the peanuts be stocked in Curry and the quantity will not be large.

  Why has the market for peanuts increased rapidly in recent years?

  Zhang Zhiqiang is the executive vice president of Zhengyang County Peanut Association. He has more than 20 years of experience in peanut transactions and deals with these peanut price data every day.

He told reporters that the price of peanuts this year is 4.5-4.6 yuan per catty of rice, which is significantly higher than the 4.1 yuan and 4.2 yuan in the same period last year.

  Zhang Zhiqiang analyzed that this year's purchase of peanuts in advance by oil plants is an important factor in the price increase.

He introduced that in previous summers, due to the large and stable shipments of peanuts across the country, there were usually not too many fluctuations. The months of fluctuations were often during the period when the spring and summer peanuts alternate.

  Zhang Zhiqiang, executive vice president of the Peanut Association of Zhengyang County, Henan Province: When peanuts are in short supply, it is usually in May and June each year, and all that should be sold are sold out. Only the remaining large and stockholders will bet for the next two months. , The new peanuts were already on the market in August, and prices have fluctuated greatly in the past two months.

  Zhang Zhiqiang told reporters that according to past experience, the price of spring peanuts was the highest before they came down.

For example, the highest point in early August this year even reached 6.1 yuan per catty, while in October last year, when peanuts first came down, the lowest point was 3.8 yuan to 4 yuan per catty.

  The price of peanut and rice in July was about 4.7 yuan per catty, in August the price was about 5 yuan per catty, and in September the price dropped to about 4.5 yuan per catty.

  According to reports, the summer peanuts went on the market in September, and the main peanut producing areas across the country have been shipped, resulting in an increase in supply and a fall in prices.

  Will the price of peanuts continue to rise in the future?

Will there be drastic fluctuations?

  Zhang Zhiqiang, executive vice president of the Peanut Association of Zhengyang County, Henan Province: This depends on the shipments of farmers across the country. Under normal shipments every year, the price will not fluctuate greatly.

  Regarding the next price trend of peanuts, Zheng Peiru, the person in charge of a peanut factory, believes that as Xia peanuts continue to go on the market, the price of peanuts will stabilize in the next few months, and it is unlikely to continue to rise, and may even fall slightly. .

  Source: CCTV Finance "Consumption Proposition"