Deputies in the hemicycle, September 29, 2020 in Paris.


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Should we ask for ecological and social compensation from companies assisted by the State in the face of Covid-19?

Which ones?

A fact-finding mission will work on the subject in the National Assembly, while the debate shakes the hemicycle, in full examination of the budget and the recovery plan.

The objective is to propose devices in “November” for the second reading of the finance bill, LREM MP Laurianne Rossi, a rapporteur for this fact-finding mission, made official on Tuesday told AFP.

Transpartisan, this mission should be chaired by LR Stéphane Viry.

"Strong commitments" for the climate

The 2021 draft budget provides for a 10 billion euro reduction in corporate production taxes.

The demand for ecological and social compensation is particularly driven by the left.

But the “walker” Laurianne Rossi emphasizes that “about twenty” LREM deputies also defend proposals on the subject.

The elected Hauts-de-Seine thus supports an amendment to "condition" the aid granted to "large companies" of more than 500 million euros in turnover to "strong commitments in terms of ecological transition".

Disagreements with the government

This member of the Sustainable Development Committee recognizes that there are "nuances" between some elected LREM and the government on this issue.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire affirmed Monday that there would be no "condition" to the reduction of the production taxes of the companies of 10 billion euros in 2021. "We are only restoring the tax fairness between France and the other countries of the European Union ”, he argued.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, for his part, judged that the debate on possible counterparts is "legitimate", but must be "treated company by company".

“The government does not want conditions on tax cuts, which I can understand.

But it is open to other devices.

It's up to us to imagine them, ”emphasizes Laurianne Rossi.

"A charter (of companies) is not enough, we must have commitments", according to her.

In order to trace the outlines of these “commitments”, the fact-finding mission must hear the major unions and professional federations.


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