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  • The Chinese telephony giant, Huawei, plans to set up one of its factories in France, in Alsace.

  • Or precisely ?

    The final fight would be played between Brumath and Illkirch-Graffenstaden, in the Bas-Rhin.

  • Huawei representatives were visiting Alsace on Monday, where they met Pia Imbs, the president of the Eurometropolis not really in favor of 5G a few weeks ago.

An investment of 200 million euros for a factory of 60,000 m² and the creation, in the long term, of 500 jobs ... Since last spring, Huawei has launched surveys to establish itself in eastern France.

The Chinese giant is seeking to produce components there for its 2, 3, 4 and especially 5G products.

Where is he ultimately going to land?

This question was at the heart of the visit of several of its representatives on Monday in Alsace.

"They confirmed to us that they would be delighted to set up here because they wish to shine throughout the European market", reveals Pia Imbs.

The president of the Eurometropolis considered this meeting “positive”.

“We will continue to exchange views and we have already asked a certain number of questions, particularly in terms of employment and the environment.

There are still a lot of steps.


"We have the most ideal site", according to the mayor of Illkirch

The production of the first parts could start, at best, in 2023. Not in the municipality of Erstein, now excluded, but in three sites now identified.

One leads to the departmental activity platform of Brumath, about twenty kilometers north of Strasbourg.

The other two refer to Illkirch-Graffenstaden, which offers two locations: one place in its innovation park, another to replace the old Puma factory.

“We have the most ideal site because we train engineers right next door [Télécom Physique Strasbourg] and it is perfectly served.

In addition, with Alcatel, which will come to the innovation park, we could create a technological hub around telecoms and digital technology, ”says Illkirch-based mayor Thibaud Philipps, who has always shown his willingness to welcome Huawei.

This was not necessarily the case for… Pia Imbs or the mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian.

The green majority finally seduced by 5G?

The two had thus signed a column in the

Journal du Dimanche in

mid-September, where with about sixty elected environmentalists and left, they asked for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G.

A posture incompatible with the arrival of a factory in the territory?

“This possible establishment raises a number of questions, especially since we will be engaging in a democratic debate on 5G in the coming weeks.

On its uses, its consequences, its assets too.

We will have to be able to discuss this subject, ”replied the city councilor of the Alsatian capital.

It was obviously Pia Imbs who took charge of the interrogation on Monday.

“We have received positive responses, Huawei is a company that remains for the long term, is not listed on the stock market and reinvests a lot.

It is not called to be only passing through, ”she explained, also dismissing all the questions that have escorted Huawei lately.

Particularly in terms of national sovereignty.

“It is up to the State to express itself clearly on cybersecurity issues.


Would the president of the Eurometropolis now be ready to open the door wide to Huawei?

"We plan to meet again," said the mayor of Holtzheim.

This new interview should not take too long to believe Thibaud Philipps: “They want to sign a certain number of documents before the end of the year.


Huawei is no longer very far from Alsace.


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