The European Union is allowed to import tariffs on 4 billion dollars (almost 3.4 billion euros) of American goods, the trade organization WTO determined on Tuesday.

The charges are a reprisal for US subsidies for aircraft manufacturer Boeing and are yet another chapter in the trade dispute between the EU and the US.

This new move may further increase trade tensions between the two countries.

According to experts, it is also possible that the ruling will lead to a solution in the legal battle that has lasted for about 16 years.

Both the US and the EU say they are open to a solution of the dispute.

The US accuses European countries of secretly backing Airbus with favorable loans.

While the United States, according to the member states, helped the American aviation group Boeing.

Last year, the US was allowed to levy import duties on $ 7.5 billion worth of European goods.

The WTO then concluded that this was an appropriate response to the illegal subsidy granted by the EU to Airbus.