Chinanews client, Beijing, October 13th (Zuo Yukun) Do not hold a cup of milk tea in autumn, are you alone without anyone chasing after?

  Before the National Day holiday, "Autumn's first cup of milk tea" exploded, hot searches on Weibo soared, and "tea" in the circle of friends overflowed with fragrance.

The same world asked the same question: "What is the first cup of milk tea in autumn?"

  Not only you and I didn't react, but the milk tea shop owner was also confused.

Milk tea sales have doubled, from the autumnal equinox to the National Day holiday, stealing the limelight of moon cakes and hairy crabs that were "the protagonist of autumn" in previous years.

  How long can milk tea, the "fire in autumn", be burned?

The picture comes from the network.

It seems meaningful, this terrier is still "dog food"

  Although foodies have no idea how many cups of milk tea they have drunk since Liqiu, the "first cup of milk tea in autumn" stems are still on fire in the middle of autumn.

  At first, on the occasion of the autumn equinox on September 22, a girl posted a chat history with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend sent out a love red envelope of 52 yuan as a fee for the girl to buy milk tea.

This heart-warming and stomach-warming approach has attracted many netizens to follow suit and extend to buy milk tea for friends and relatives. The ultimate meaning is that someone is thinking about you and someone is loving you.

  On the second day of the autumnal equinox, the trend of "requiring milk tea" blew up on social media.

Sending red envelopes, showing affection, and various other fancy expressions, coupled with the promotion of keen brands and other commercial forces during the period, "the first cup of milk tea in autumn" smoothly rushed to the hot search and also detonated the whole people Play terrier.

Drinking milk tea has become the choice of many young people during their holidays.

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  As of October 10, the Weibo topic #秋的第一杯奶茶#, which has been fermented for half a month, has read 2.32 billion, over 953,000 discussions, and more than 370,000 related videos on Douyin.

  Some terriers seem meaningful, but in fact they are still "dog food".

No wonder many netizens drank a sip of medlar chrysanthemum tea at 52°C in a thermos, expressing the feeling of middle-aged people: nowadays, young couples, Valentine's Day and Qixi Festival 520 is not enough, this is not even the solar terms.

Milk tea can cure "sorrowful autumn disease" and save girls' lives

  Regarding the consumption boom spawned by this social network, famous economist Song Qinghui believes that the success of the "milk tea economy" lies in the final marketing hype.

  "For example, some Internet celebrity milk tea often hires people to line up, or hires a large number of security guards outside to maintain the order of the queue, and also limits the number of customers to buy milk tea, in order to appear to be'tall'. Over time, a new type of business has been born, the so-called "Milk tea economy"." Song Qinghui said.

Nayuki's tea and hey tea both carried out activities related to "the first cup of milk tea in autumn".

  Although you and I both understand this is just a marketing, the temperature has changed a lot since the beginning of autumn, and it will inevitably make people feel a bit sentimental of "sorrow and loneliness in autumn since ancient times".

At this time, a cup of hot milk tea brings warmth, while the sweet taste can also bring real happiness.

  The fire of milk tea in the autumn not only cured you and my "sorrowful autumn disease," it also saved a little girl's life.

  On the morning of September 24, a 12-year-old girl in Dazhou, Sichuan wanted to commit suicide while sitting outside the roof guardrail.

The local police used "the first cup of milk tea in autumn" to impress him and successfully rescued the girl who committed suicide.

  The usual ridicule of "milk tea save my life" has come true, and this warm news also pointed out the deeper meaning of this stalk-what you and I want is not milk tea, but care.

  Also cared for by the "first cup of milk tea in autumn", not only your stomach but also the wallet of the milk tea shop owner.

Sold 1.1 billion orders in 4 days, bursting with hot milk tea shop

  "As a small shop owner who doesn't take vacations or even busier during the holidays, I am flattered for a milk tea festival in the sky. Can I have more festivals like this?" Tian Tian (a pseudonym), the owner of the milk tea shop, just finished a fulfilling holiday.

  According to media reports, due to the popularity of "the first cup of milk tea in autumn", the sales of milk tea of ​​multiple brands have increased by 3-4 times. Some stores of brands such as Heytea and 1:dian even "temporarily closed" due to the burst of orders.

  After the temperature falls in autumn, the students’ summer vacation ends, and fewer people come out to shop, and they will not be thirsty as easily as in summer. The demand for drinks decreases. Autumn and winter are relatively low seasons for the milk tea industry.

In Tian Tian's view, the boom in holiday business beyond imagination is largely due to the boom in "the first cup of milk tea in autumn".

The staff of a milk tea shop is making a 5-liter "Bawang bucket" milk tea.

Photo by Lu Ming

  This holiday season, Tian Tian launched the "Send her the first cup of milk tea in autumn" event, specially designed a mini cup of finely packaged milk tea priced at 5.2 yuan, and it really broke the order.

  "The cups look good, the price is not expensive, and they are hot spots. They are especially suitable for girls to take pictures and post on Moments. At most, I made nearly 600 cups of milk tea a day, and in the end I didn't even have enough cups." Tian Tian said during the National Day holiday The business is so good that the employees are so tired that their hands with chopsticks are shaking when they eat after get off work.

  On October 8, the "Life Consumption Report for the 2020 November Holiday" released by the Meituan APP showed that only 4 days before the holiday, the platform's milk tea orders exceeded 1.1 billion.

  In addition to the tea shop owners who have been enjoying the hotness, some people have discovered new business opportunities.

According to the Tianyancha APP, on September 24, a company named "Huangchuan County Autumn First Cup Milk Tea Co., Ltd." was registered and established with the business scope of milk tea production and sales.

At the same time, many domestic companies have passed the pre-investigation under the name "the first cup of milk tea in autumn".

  Looks like a laid-back and profitable milk tea shop, are you excited?

Is the milk tea after autumn still good business?

  "The state now takes care of individual businesses. It is very simple and free to apply for a business license. Bring your ID card, lease contract and store floor plan to the local industrial and commercial bureau, and you can take it away within ten minutes." Wang Hao (pseudonym) ) Is currently the owner of a branded milk tea franchise store. This is his second attempt.

  Some people in the industry have said that for brand planning, the tea industry, including milk tea shops, is one of the most difficult industries for brand creativity. There is no one; all the good names you can think of with a little artistic conception are basically occupied by thoughts.

  It is difficult to make an original milk tea brand, and joining it sounds like a good way.

Internet celebrity milk tea shop.

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  "Head brands like Heycha and Naixue’s tea use a direct sales model and are not allowed to join; the second is a regional authorization form that can be represented by Coco, that is, you can’t just open one store, you must contract one. The permanent population is in an area of ​​several million, which requires a large initial capital and rich experience of partners." Wang Hao introduced to

  "The rest are brands that can finally be joined by a single store, such as Yidian, Tea Baidao, Gu Ming, etc. But better ones need at least about 500,000 yuan, and less famous ones also cost about 200,000 yuan. "Because of the limited funds on hand, Wang Hao chose a small brand to join a few years ago, and the site was in a university town with a dense population of young people.

  Wang Hao, who thought he could sit back and relax, quickly discovered the problem: young people with better economic conditions would choose well-known big brands with higher prices but more security. Even ordinary students also have Michelle Ice City and Yihetang at extremely low prices. The choice of milk tea in my store with an average price of 15-20 yuan is in an embarrassing position.

  “I’ve seen countless students come in to see the menus that are too expensive.” According to Wang Hao, someone has calculated that the average net profit of milk tea shops is about 10%-15%. If the monthly income of milk tea sold is not It will lose money to 30,000 yuan.

The rider takes milk tea.

Photo by Li Qiuying

  Wang Hao, who had been "pitted" once, did not give up his dream of opening a store.

After starting all over again, he survived the days when there were only double-digit or even single-digit orders every day during the epidemic. His second milk tea shop gradually became prosperous, and finally ushered in the peak of this year during the National Day holiday, with a single-day flow rate. Around 100,000 yuan.

  "A lot of people joked that they want to open a milk tea shop every time they don't want to go to work, especially in the case of relatively high employment pressure this year, a large number of people have poured into the milk tea industry." But in Wang Hao's view, entrepreneurs still want consider carefully.

The bonus period for opening milk tea shops has long passed, and currently only about one-fifth of the shops can last for a year.

  "Life needs a cup of milk tea, even if it will not be sweet for a lifetime, it will always be sweet for a while." This is a sentence posted in Wang Hao's shop.

"The'first cup of milk tea in autumn' can only be used for a while. In the future, there may be the first hot pot in winter, the first bottle of soda in spring, and the first ice cream in summer..." Wang Hao said. "But as long as life is always a little sweet, it's fine."

  Have you had milk tea recently?