On the Airbus A380 production line in the Jean-Luc Lagardère factory in Blagnac.


Frédéric Scheiber / 20MINUTES

It was "the red line" drawn by the unions.

Airbus has not crossed it, it will not have recourse to dry layoffs to absorb the shock of the health crisis.

At least this is announced by Dominique Delbouis, FO coordinator, the majority union of the aircraft manufacturer, which is preparing to sign on Monday, after four months of negotiations, the Employment Protection Plan (PSE).

"It is a great satisfaction, there will be no dry layoffs," the unionist told AFP.

We will get there at the end of March by the opening of a final negotiation which will allow us to reach zero forced dismissals.

We have a commitment from management in this direction, ”he adds.

The plan unveiled after signature

The full ESP will only be released after signing.

Initially, Airbus had announced 15,000 job cuts worldwide, including 5,000 in France and 3,400 in Toulouse.

To avoid redundancies, the negotiated PSE is based in particular on the long-term partial activity scheme (APLD) proposed by the government, on voluntary early retirement and on aid for business creation.


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