Fires in Israel: more than 250 outbreaks identified in less than 24 hours

Fires have broken out in the Galilee, near the Lebanese border.


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The country is currently in the grip of numerous fires.

In question, a summer that does not end, but also the multiplication of criminal acts, according to the firefighters. 


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem


Michel Paul

More than 250 fires have been identified in less than 24 hours in Israel.

This high number is the result of particularly high temperatures and very low humidity levels at this time of year.

But according to firefighters, some of these outbreaks are of criminal origin.

The town of Nof Hagalil, not far from Nazareth in Lower Galilee, is hard hit.

Nearly 5,000 residents were evacuated and several houses were completely destroyed by the flames.

Fires have also broken out across the country.

Several settlements in the West Bank are affected.

Their inhabitants had to be evacuated.

By now, the majority of the fires have been brought under control, but over 300 hectares of forests have gone up in smoke.

According to Israel's weather service, September was the hottest month on record in most of the country.

Experts say the number of hot days in the region is increasing due to global warming.

And the rainy season is not yet in sight.

The heatwave, it will continue next week, with a slight improvement all the same. 

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