LCC Jetstar Japan 6 domestic routes to virtually withdraw October 8 12:39

As the airline industry is severely hit by the new coronavirus, LCC = low-cost carrier Jetstar Japan has decided to virtually withdraw on six domestic routes.

According to people familiar with the matter, LCC's Jetstar Japan, in which Japan Airlines holds a 50% stake, will start from the end of October to March next year on six domestic routes whose earnings are currently uncertain due to the effects of the new coronavirus. During the winter timetable until, we have decided to suspend all flights and virtually withdraw.

Specifically, it is a

line connecting Kansai Airport with Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Kochi, a line connecting

Chubu Airport with New Chitose and Kagoshima, and a line connecting

Narita Airport and Shonai Airport.

Along with this, the company will close the office that serves as a base for pilots and flight attendants at Kansai Airport, and in order to reduce labor costs, a total of about 600 pilots and flight attendants will be voluntarily retired or unpaid. We are proposing a long vacation.

The aviation industry continues to be in a difficult business situation due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and LCC "AirAsia Japan" based at Chubu Airport has announced that it will withdraw from Japan.