“We need to address the question to Gazprom.

Of course, the information is quite new and needs to be analyzed from a legal point of view.

I have no doubt that everything that can and should be done in terms of providing some kind of counter-actions will be done by the corporation, ”said the Kremlin spokesman.

He was asked a clarifying question about how Poland's decision might affect Russian-Polish relations.

“Unfortunately, one can hardly call Russian-Polish relations flourishing.

It can hardly be assumed that something will have a negative impact.

In general, relations are not at the proper level, unfortunately, ”added Peskov.

Earlier, the Polish Office for the Protection of Competition and Consumers (UOKiK) decided to fine Gazprom and the European companies cooperating with it for the construction of Nord Stream 2. 

Thus, companies were fined $ 100 million, Gazprom - $ 7.6 billion.

As emphasized in "Gazprom", the company does not agree with the position of the Polish side and will appeal the decision.