She emphasized that the "exhibition" is an important opportunity to be part of a joint response to a changing world

Thailand: Expo 2020 Dubai is an exceptional platform to bring the world together again

  • Building the main structure for the Thailand Pavilion in the "Expo" has been 100% complete.

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  • Agarin Battanabenci: “(Expo 2020 Dubai) is an unprecedented opportunity to find collaborative solutions to overcome challenges.”


The permanent secretary of the Thai Ministry of Society and Digital Economy and Commissioner General of the Thailand Pavilion Division at Expo 2020 Dubai, Agarin Patanabenchi, confirmed that the upcoming international event is an important opportunity for Thailand, to be part of a joint response to a changing world.

“The changes that humanity is witnessing make us eager to turn inward to take care of ourselves, but a year from now, Expo 2020 Dubai will provide an exceptional platform for us to meet the world again, and it is truly an opportunity for us to respond to how With which our world has changed, and moving together to address urgent priorities, such as climate change ».

Meeting again

Patanabenchi added that on October 1, 2021, and until March 31, 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai will return to the whole world the advantage of meeting together in a spirit of solidarity and optimism, noting that the international exhibition represents a global forum that shows the extent of the need and desire for positive change. Tangible opportunities to make it happen to the fullest.

She pointed out that Thailand's participation in Expo 2020 expresses her country's commitment to help promote an advanced and sustainable future, saying: “Everyone must play their role in this field, because by recognizing our common humanity, we will strengthen coordination of our goal and accelerate our common progress.” .

And she continued: “Through (Expo 2020 Dubai) we will be able to display and celebrate our achievements, as it is the place that broadens our goals as far as possible,” explaining that “on the other hand, it is the responsibility of (Expo 2020 Dubai) to inform and inspire our planet, Who deserves a brighter tomorrow, and we also have a duty to contribute to achieving this goal, and empowering future generations to prosper. ”

An unprecedented opportunity

Bataanabanci indicated that at a time when we are dealing with the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis, the world is facing, on the other hand, many challenges, including ensuring a climate-friendly future, sustainable food supply, and equal access to education, digitization and health care. Expo 2020 is an unprecedented opportunity to find collaborative solutions to overcome these challenges, as it unites more than 190 countries, within the principles of the firm belief that great things happen when we come together.

The wing is completed

In addition, Patanabenci said, “The construction of the main structure of the Thailand Pavilion at the exhibition has been 100% complete, and we will strictly maintain our work, including decoration, interior design, and exhibition settings on the right track, by modifying our process to comply with the UAE regulations related to (Covid-19). ), Out of our concern for the safety of the Thailand team, and the others on the site.

She added, "Although the pandemic has had a major impact on the work schedule, we confirm that the Thai Pavilion, and all its detailed work, have been executed with great professionalism, and will be ready to welcome visitors in 2021."

Wing activities

Thailand's pavilion at Expo 2020 welcomes visitors to acquaint them closely with the country's culture and heritage, and the latest technological technologies that the pavilion is offering to the millions of people who will attend the event.

The pavilion will reveal to its visitors the feeling of Thai hospitality, and the additions that have been made to it, to demonstrate the characteristics of smart Thailand from wisdom to future innovation with a smile.

A major theme inside the pavilion, titled "Mobility for Future", will be revealed through a multi-sensory experience in four exhibition halls.

Visitors will also experience "Smart Thailand" with technological development and digital innovation, which will transform Thailand into a regional center for digital development in Southeast Asia.

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