China News Service, Berlin, September 30 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The reporter learned from the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce on the 30th that the 2020 Shandong Export Commodities (Germany) is hosted by the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, co-organized by the German-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and undertaken by Shandong Zhenghe International Exhibition Co., Ltd. ) The cloud exhibition was successfully held online recently.

  Minister Wang Weidong of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce Lu Wei, Director of the Department of Industry and Internationalization of the Bavarian State of Bavaria, Dr. Markus Wittmann, and Duan Wei, Director General of the German-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and other guests attended This exhibition.

The exhibition brought together more than 300 companies from more than 15 industrial industries in China and Germany. All participating companies have achieved online docking based on precise matching. The exhibition will alleviate the impact of the epidemic on China’s foreign trade and promote the cooperation between Chinese and German companies. Economic and trade cooperation is of great positive significance to help companies of the two countries overcome difficulties together.

  Lu Wei, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, expressed his gratitude for the support of the German-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in his speech.

She pointed out that the data show that Shandong Province has very close economic and trade exchanges with Germany this year.

Although affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the companies of the two countries are temporarily unable to conduct offline communication, but the Internet cloud technology and innovative foreign trade cooperation models have opened up new paths for face-to-face communication between Chinese and German companies.

It is believed that this cloud exhibition will effectively promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of both sides, and become an important platform for the deepening and upgrading of economic and trade cooperation between Shandong and Germany.

  Minister Wang Weidong pointed out that China and Germany are all-round strategic partners to each other. In recent years, the economic and trade relations between the two sides have been continuously deepened.

Facing the crisis brought about by the epidemic and the current deteriorating international economic environment, China and Germany, as major countries with global influence, should work together to revive the world economy.

The 2020 Shandong Export Commodities (Germany) Cloud Exhibition is a good form of cooperation that the two sides actively explored under the epidemic situation. It is hoped that this event can further stimulate the vitality and potential of Sino-German economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

  Dr. Wang Meng said that the digital communication method of Cloud Expo meets the increasingly urgent cooperation needs of China and Germany under the current difficult situation. This complementary communication method will coexist for a long time in the future.

The profound friendship between Shandong Province of China and Bavaria, Germany has a long history. The governments and enterprises of the two sides have frequent friendly cooperation. During the crisis of the new crown epidemic this year, Ruba and Ruba also helped each other and overcome difficulties together.

He very much hopes that Shandong enterprises and Bazhou enterprises can deepen cooperation with this online event.

  According to reports, this exhibition attracted more than 300 companies from the electromechanical, building materials, auto parts and other industries. At the same time, government agencies or economic organizations from Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Bavaria and other states also participated in the event. . On the first day of the conference, the highest number of online visitors was 252 and the number of online viewers was 2,377. Many representatives of participating companies expressed that they have gained a lot and look forward to more similar opportunities and platforms for broader exchanges. (Finish)