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BMW 4 Series Cabrio -


Unsurprisingly, the Convertible 4 Series welcomes the new "imposing" (term used by BMW) grille which combines "modern and traditional styling with reference to the legendary sports cars of the brand's past".

But it's interesting to see, in this case, that BMW also justifies this choice with a technical explanation: “The grille underscores the high cooling air requirements of the powertrain technology.

It must be said that with its 374 horsepower, the M440i xDrive (four-wheel drive) version has never been so powerful.

BMW 4 Series Cabrio - DR

But the M4 Cabriolet is expected to do even better, even though it's the only version yet to be announced.

The rest of the launch lineup includes two 4-cylinder petrol engines (184 and 258hp) and a 4-cylinder diesel engine (190hp).

Two six-in-line diesel engines (286 and 340hp) will follow in 2021. For the first time, the 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission is fitted as standard in all versions, but the base M4 Cabrio will surely have a transmission. manual.

BMW 4 Series Cabrio - DR

The return of the web

Regarding the discoverable version, what about the new roof?

It is 40% lighter than that of the previous model and BMW promises remarkable acoustic and thermal comfort.

Still, the 4 Series goes from hardtop to canvas top, offering a much more traditional style.

It can open and close in 18 seconds, up to 50 km / h.

BMW 4 Series Cabrio - DR

The soft-top compartment allows the boot capacity to be varied from 300 liters (80 l more than previously) with the top open, to 385 liters (15 l more) with the top up.

The storage pack, the folding rear backrest and the ski hatch are standard.

With such equipment, one obviously wonders about the prices… which have not yet been communicated.


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