The Dutch Railways says it is disappointed with the unions' decision to reject proposed cutbacks.

"Our commitment was to offer perspective and clarity and thus certainty in complex times," said president-director Marjan Rintel in a press release.

The transport company wants to cut 2,300 jobs and requires more flexibility from its employees.

"It is unbelievably unfortunate that after five months of discussions, the trade unions and the Central Works Council (Central Works Council, ed.) Have rejected the final proposal from NS. I understand the emotion about the enormous impact that the corona virus has in the Netherlands and also on NS" , said Marjan Rintel in the message.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dutch Railways claims to have already suffered a loss of 1.5 billion euros.

The carrier states that currently 45 percent of the usual travelers still use the train.

The number of passengers should not be equal to the number of 2019 until 2024. Until 2025, the carrier expects to miss out on 4.7 billion euros in turnover.

Due to this financial blow, the company wants to cut 2,300 jobs and it is expected that another 2,500 employees will retire in the coming years.

No one should be made redundant, but wages can be frozen.

The Dutch Railways also wants staff to be given other working hours or positions.

More than 90 percent of the members of both FNV Spoor and the Trade Union for Engineers and Conductors (VVMC) voted against the plans.

The Dutch Railways says it is studying the reactions of the unions and the Central Works Council and cannot yet say what the next steps will be.

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