Financial Services Agency 2 “Order to request a report” from a trust bank September 30 at 10:41 due to the issue of exercising shareholder voting rights

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank and Mizuho Trust & Banking, which underwrite from companies and take charge of the general meeting of shareholders, have mishandled the documents for exercising voting rights of shareholders, and the Financial Services Agency has changed to two trust banks. In response, we issued a "report request order" based on the law, requesting that detailed circumstances and causes be reported.

Regarding the documents for exercising voting rights of shareholders, it became clear that "Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank" and "Mizuho Trust & Banking" had improperly handled the documents that arrived within the deadline for many years, and this is 1300 companies. As a result, the exercise of voting rights of some shareholders was not reflected in the voting of the general meeting.

On this issue, the Financial Services Agency issued a "report request order" based on the law to two trust banks by the 30th, requesting them to report the details and causes.

The deadline is the end of October.

The Financial Services Agency will inspect the management system in detail, including the group company "Japan Shareholder Data Service," which the two banks had entrusted with, saying that the important right for shareholders to exercise voting rights could be impaired. It is a policy.

On the 29th, the Tokyo Stock Exchange also requested two banks and others in writing to take measures to prevent recurrence.