In a poll by "Emirates Today" via "Twitter" and "Instagram"

Real estate tenants: We did not receive any support from landlords during the repercussions of "Corona"

  • Some landlords have obligations that make them unable to help.


  • Reducing the burden on tenants contributes to gaining their satisfaction and confidence.


  • Walid Al-Zarouni: "Exempting the lease for a certain period, or reducing its percentage, is a good initiative that required a generalization from everyone."


An opinion poll, on the account of "Emirates Today", via the "Twitter" platform, showed that the vast majority of tenants did not receive any support from the owners of the properties in which they reside, despite the fact that a large number of them were affected by the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19) crisis. .

The newspaper monitored comments on the same question, through its account on the platform «Instagram», varied between a majority confirmed that landlords did not stand by tenants, and a minority confirmed their standing and support, especially by citizen real estate owners.

Twitter platform

And the poll, in which 509 participants participated, on the Twitter platform, showed that 78% of those polled answered "No", compared to 28% who said: "Yes", when asked: "If you are a tenant ... Did you find consideration By the owners of your financial circumstances related to the effects of Corona? ».

The platform «Instagram»

In turn, the comments on the newspaper’s account on the “Instagram” platform varied about the same question, as the vast majority of comments that exceeded 765 comments (until the writing of the report) went to denying any assistance by the owners, despite the repercussions of the Corona virus and its impact, on When some comments mentioned that there are a good number of landlords who provided assistance to them, at a time when most of the aid was concentrated in residential properties owned by Emirati citizens.

Reviews & Comments

Among the comments monitored by Emirates Today, a comment in which the account holder said: The owner had warned him to be evicted from the house in the event of non-payment, at a time when another account holder confirmed that the owner did not take into account his condition and warned him, and then removed him from the housing unit with his family.

And in a third account: “The owners do not take into account any compelling circumstances, and the most important thing is the achievement.”

In turn, the owner of the problem account referred to the real estate management offices, saying: "The problem lies in the real estate management offices, which want to satisfy the owner, who may be wronged in all these things that are committed in his name."

For his part, another account holder confirmed the lack of assistance, saying: “Despite communicating with the owner and providing him with proof of my (Corona) harm, he did not help me.”

The account owner presented his experience with the owner during the pandemic, saying: "I lost my job, and 20 days before I paid the due rental check, I called the owner, asking for a postponement of the check payment, but it was rejected."

In the same context, an account owner said that he found an eviction document and an obligation to pay, at a time when he did not know where to go.

He added, "I am one of those affected by (Corona), as I work in the tourism sector."

Aid from landlords

On the other hand, commentators made observations praising the help they received from building owners. An owner of an Instagram account said: “The owner of the building in which I live is a citizen, and I have not paid him for a long time, but he did not demand any dues, and when the contract renewal came, I asked He delayed the payment of the first check for a few months, so he agreed without any problems.

Another account owner responded by saying: "This type of angel is the one with whom we want to live."

For his part, the owner of the account confirmed the high-class treatment he received from the owner of the property in which he resides, and said: “I have not seen more superior than the owner of the building in which I live.

He agreed with another account holder by saying that the owner of the apartment, in which he resides, was a citizen and granted him a grace period from paying the rent allowance of three months.

An account holder cautioned that "some people think that the owner has no obligations, which is not true."

He added, "Everyone is obligated, which makes some people unable to help."

Good initiatives

For his part, the head of "W Capital" real estate brokerage, Walid Al Zarouni, said that there are very few landlords, real estate owners, and operating real estate development companies that stood by the tenants by supporting them, relieving economic pressures on them, and helping them overcome these emergency situations. Resulting from the "Covid-19" pandemic.

Al-Zarouni pointed out that the act of some landlords and developers to exempt tenants from paying the rents due for a certain period, or to reduce their percentage, is considered a model to be followed, as it was a good initiative that required generalization from everyone.

He stressed that the landlords and companies standing beside their dealers, in light of these exceptional circumstances, by easing their burdens, contributes to gaining the satisfaction and confidence of tenants, as providing support represents a good opportunity to deepen the good relationship with real estate owners, in the long term.

Al-Burai: a step that was not taken by a large number of owners

The Vice President of the International Union of Arab Realtors, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Burai, said: “The repercussions of the outbreak of the new Corona virus had a great impact on tenants and owners alike, but despite the existence of communication between the two parties to mitigate the negative economic effects, postpone payments, and reduce the rental value, the A large number of landlords did not take this step in agreement with their tenants. ”

Al-Burai stressed that what the Rental Disputes Settlement Center did, to mitigate the repercussions of the pandemic, on the real estate rental sector, had a significant impact on the parties to the rental equation, especially the tenant.

Tenants praise the support of local real estate owners during the crisis.

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