State-of-the-art drone exhibition begins Japan's largest scale Chiba September 29, 16:22

An exhibition of cutting-edge drone aircraft, which are expected to be used in various fields such as logistics and disaster sites, began on the 29th in Chiba City.

This year's fifth "Japan Drone" is the largest drone exhibition in Japan, and although the number of exhibitors has decreased to less than half of last year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is still 100. More than one group is exhibiting cutting-edge aircraft.

Of these, the drone, which was jointly developed by a university in Kanagawa Prefecture and a design office, was able to carry not only luggage but also people, and succeeded in a flight experiment with 100 kg of luggage.

In the future, we aim to utilize it for rescue at disaster sites.

In addition, the drone developed by a startup company in Tokyo is supposed to be used for fishing, and it is possible to detect a school of fish with a radar while sliding on the surface of the water in response to the wind.

Mr. Hisashi Noma of this company said, "Research on various types of drones that do not just fly in the sky is progressing, and it is possible to work unmanned even in fields that required manpower."

In addition, there are drones that appealed that even if they come into contact with obstacles, they will not affect the flight by surrounding the entire aircraft with a coarse net, and at each exhibition booth, the person in charge will visit the features of the aircraft. I was explaining.

This exhibition is being held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City until the 30th.