Chinanews, Wuhan, September 28 (Wu Yili Zhang Qin) 2020 Hubei High-Quality Development Capital Conference was held in Wuhan on the 28th.

At the meeting, Wuhan City issued the "Golden Ten Points" to promote high-quality industrial development.

  The "Golden Ten Articles" specifically include: vigorously develop the headquarters economy.

Rewards will be given to recognized Wuhan headquarters enterprises according to certain standards.

Among them, the settlement reward, investment reward, and business contribution reward are up to 20 million yuan, the enterprise growth reward is up to 10 million yuan, the corporate office housing subsidy is up to 8 million yuan, and the talent reward is up to 2 million yuan.

  Breakthrough in the development of the digital economy.

Provide support from industrial innovation research, digital transformation and other aspects. For major national high-quality development projects, 30% of the national allocated funds will be provided as supporting facilities, and a single project will be capped at 10 million yuan.

  Rapid development of online economy.

A one-off reward of 300,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan will be given to municipal-level online economic key enterprises and characteristic platforms respectively; 2 million will be given to online economic enterprises (projects) selected for national-level application typical cases, innovative projects, and outstanding applications RMB one-time reward.

  Speed ​​up the development of new energy and connected smart car industries.

Corresponding rewards and subsidies will be given in terms of promoting the large-scale development of new energy vehicle enterprises, increasing the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and the use environment.

  Develop and expand the network security industry.

Actively promote the construction of a national cybersecurity talent and innovation base, and provide full-chain guarantees in terms of system and mechanism innovation, public service platform construction, enterprise investment, establishment of special funds, and encouragement of technological innovation.

  Speed ​​up the development of medical equipment.

On and after April 24, 2019, the purchase of high-value medical consumables, inspection and testing reagents and medical equipment in the "Wuhan City Innovative Product Catalog" produced in this city will be subsidized at 5% of the purchase amount of innovative products. A single medical institution The total subsidy does not exceed 2 million yuan.

  Improve the level of biomedicine research and development.

For biomedical innovative products independently developed by enterprises and industrialized in this city, financial rewards will be given step by step according to the different stages of R&D and industrialization, with a maximum reward of 20 million yuan.

  Promote innovation and upgrading of the service industry.

For the independent legal person enterprises that have entered the top 500 service enterprises in China, the top 100 service enterprises in Hubei, and the leading enterprises in the service industry in Wuhan for the first time in Wuhan, a one-time reward of 1 million yuan, 800,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan will be given respectively.

  Cultivate and develop high-tech enterprises.

Improve the entire chain incubation system of “crowd creation space-incubator-accelerator” science and technology enterprises.

  Promote the listing of companies in depth.

If an enterprise is successfully listed, it can withdraw 2‰ of the total amount of funds raised from the rewards received at one time to reward corporate executives who have made outstanding contributions. The maximum reward does not exceed 1 million yuan.

  Currently, Wuhan is focusing on building three world-class industrial clusters, including optoelectronic information, automobiles and parts, biomedicine and medical equipment.

Xu Honglan, deputy mayor of the Wuhan Municipal Government, said that Wuhan will continue to optimize the business environment and step up efforts to introduce and cultivate a batch of 100 billion-level enterprise groups and tens of billion-level enterprise clusters.