Rising prices in the regular market are pushing consumers towards the Internet and social media

The used car market ... demands for more regulation and a "realistic price" (1-2)

Consumers have said that the high prices of used cars in the regular markets are the reason behind the increase in purchases from individuals and via the Internet, pointing out that they prefer to buy used cars from approved commercial establishments, or from trusted individuals, to buying them through the Internet or social networking sites, on condition Realistic price and quality of service.

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They emphasized that purchasing from licensed dealers guarantees them as consumers the complaint in the event that they are exposed to a violation of their rights, at a time when they are unable to do so if the purchase is made from undocumented individuals.

They demanded, via "Emirates Today", to regulate the used car market, to set clear criteria for buying and selling in this market, as well as to create a framework that helps consumers know the true value of a used car by setting objective grounds for evaluation, and establishing neutral inspection centers that provide a technical report for used cars, Includes a realistic price estimate.

They emphasized that the evaluation of the technical condition of the car will necessarily determine its realistic price level, so that in the end we reach a balance in car prices between the licensed dealers and individual sellers.

In turn, the used car trade working group in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the used car market in Dubai accounts for more than 70% of the used car trade in the country.

She called for a review of the rules that regulate the work of the market to enhance its performance, noting that the used car market in Dubai has a regional reputation in terms of quality, competitiveness and prices of traded cars, and it needs reorganization and intervention by government agencies to protect traders from unfair practices that harm the market, and multiply. From the impact of the Corona crisis on her.

For its part, the management of the "Al-Haraj" market for used cars in Sharjah confirmed that the recent period witnessed an increase in the demand for cars with small engines, compared to large cars, by up to 20%.

In addition, the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority revealed that the UAE has achieved a boom in the automotive industry during the current year, as the value of its car exports during the first quarter of this year reached 482 million and 135 thousand and 962 dirhams, compared to 350 million and 835 thousand and 397 dirhams during the whole of 2019 That is, the UAE's exports of cars during the first quarter of 2020 exceeded the value of its exports throughout the past year by 131 million, 300 thousand and 565 dirhams.

The value of the UAE’s trade in cars recorded 18 billion, 989 million, 800 thousand and 769 dirhams, among them “imports” worth 12 billion, 700 million and 998 thousand and 704 dirhams, while the value of “re-exports” amounted to five billion, 806 million and 666 thousand and 103 dirhams.

Statistics showed that 142 thousand and 529 workers work in the automotive sector in the state, of whom 4,045 are working in the auto industry.

Requests to review the pricing of used cars to attract dealers, and to find a safe and logical alternative to individual purchase.

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