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The images have been rolling for a few days on social networks.

During a recent safety demonstration in China, Tesla was testing the automatic emergency braking of its Model 3. On a video posted on Twitter Sunday, September 20, a vehicle struck a pedestrian dummy, reports

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While coming at a brisk pace, the car does not slow down as it approaches the pedestrian and only stops after hitting it head on.

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, Tesla declined to comment on this failed test.

This incident is further proof of Autopilot's shortcomings.

Clip from China of a $ TSLA Model 3, evidently equipped with the latest and greatest safety technology.

My guess is the 4D dojo supercomputer recognizes that the pedestrian dummy is not a human and therefore sees no reason to perform evasive maneuvers.


- Stultus (@StultusVox) September 20, 2020

Already fatal accidents

In another video, posted on Twitter Monday, September 21, the same Tesla model crashed into a still mannequin on a zebra crossing.

The on-board screen indicates, by a red zone, that the vehicle has correctly identified the pedestrian.

But the braking intervenes too late and the mannequin is violently struck.

Chinese media ran a series of tests to examine vehicle safety measures, recording their findings.

Tesla performed by far the worst.

Here is a video of a $ TSLA failing its automatic braking test.

Tesla charges $ 8000 for "Full Self Driving" but can't detect pedestrians in the road pic.twitter.com/4fB60MPUYI

- Stultus (@StultusVox) September 20, 2020

Autopilot failures have already caused several deaths in recent years.

In March 2018, in California, a man was driving his Tesla Model X with the Autopilot driver assistance program activated when the vehicle struck a highway slide.

At the end of December 2019, still in California, two people were killed in the collision between a Tesla Model S and another vehicle.

The Tesla was exiting a freeway when it ran through a red light.


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