On September 27, the reporter learned from the Transportation Management Bureau of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau that affected by the epidemic, the willingness of the masses to take public transportation such as high-speed rail and civil aviation during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday this year has generally decreased. Self-driving travel may become the mainstream mode of travel. The average daily traffic will reach 3.35 million vehicles, and the highest single-day traffic may exceed 3.7 million vehicles, a record high.

  Huang Xiaobin, director of the Transportation Department of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation, said that the efficiency of expressway accident handling will directly affect the efficiency of expressway traffic.

Huang Xiaobin said that in order to speed up the efficiency of accident handling during the Golden Week, Hangzhou Ring Expressway K0~K123 (including interchange areas, toll stations, toll plazas, excluding K23+481~K41+412) has set up scan code alarm road signs for convenience The driver and passenger accident alarm and the accident location of relevant departments.

(Reporter Wang Weichen edited Zeng Chen)

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