According to him, Russia met the coronavirus pandemic "just as well as other" countries.

“The fact that we still have state and largely centralized medicine has made it possible to quickly take measures and quickly implement them.

Subjects of the Russian Federation immediately received great financial support for the purchase of new equipment and the construction of facilities.

Mobile hospitals were opened in various hard-to-reach regions, ”Kudrin said.

He admitted that the country lacked masks for the first two months since the start of the pandemic, but "then this problem was solved."

“That is, the mobilization took place quickly, and a month and a half or two after the start of the pandemic, the situation was already quite satisfactory.

Our medicine coped with the flow of patients, ”the head of the Accounts Chamber emphasized.

Earlier, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the economic support measures taken by the Russian authorities against the backdrop of the coronavirus epidemic were effective.