[Explanation] Hainan Free Trade Port's first intercontinental (Yangpu-South Pacific-Australia) route officially opened on September 28, filling the gaps in sea routes between Hainan and the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

  [Concurrent] Chen Li, General Manager of Business Operation Department of Hainan Port and Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd.

  It fills the gaps in our (and) Philippines routes, and at the same time fills the gaps in Papua New Guinea's routes and Australia's routes. For the development of Hainan's foreign trade routes, especially if we have local goods to import and export directly through the South Pacific It should be said that it will be a great help for the improvement of local enterprises' logistics costs and the improvement of logistics timeliness.

  [Explanation] The Yangpu-South Pacific-Australia route is operated by COSCO Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. At this stage, two 1,740-container container ships have been put into operation. The ship schedule has a density of two weeks. The routes cover Hong Kong, China, Cebu, and Papua New Guinea. Lae City and Port Moresby, Australia's Townsville and Darwin ports.

The route can be connected with the existing domestic trade routes, providing a fast and efficient direct sea route for the trade of coconuts, logs, beef, minerals and consumer goods between China and the regions and countries along the route.

  It is understood that the opening of this route has not only achieved a zero breakthrough in the Hainan intercontinental route, but also marked the beginning of the construction of an international container hub port in the Yangpu region from the "offshore" to the "deep blue" era.

  [Concurrent] Chen Li, General Manager of Business Operation Department of Hainan Port and Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd.

  This route is the first intercontinental transoceanic route of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Its opening greatly supplements Hainan's entire foreign trade route network.

In the past, our foreign trade routes mainly covered Southeast Asia and South Asia, basically in the near ocean.

Then this route, it should be said that Hainan's entire foreign trade route opened a new era, from near the ocean to deep blue.

  [Explanation] Hainan Yangpu Port became the new fulcrum of "New International Land-Sea Trade Channel" at the end of 2018. At present, domestic trade routes with basic ports in major domestic regions have been completed, and foreign trade routes have also been extended from the original single Hong Kong and Vietnam. To Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Bangladesh, and also open up many domestic and foreign trade transportation routes from Yangpu to Guangzhou Nansha, Jinzhou, Tianjin and other domestic and foreign trades on the same ship, initially establishing Yangpu as the center, connecting the domestic coastal areas and radiating ASEAN The network skeleton of container routes in various countries.

  Reporter Li Yufan reports from Hainan Yangpu

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]