Violated 18 facilities and alerted 12

Dubai Economy carries out 755 rounds to verify compliance with "Covid-19" measures

Dubai Economy confirmed the preservation of the gains made by the emirate.


The field inspection teams of the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector in the Dubai Economy carried out 755 field trips and monitoring visits, which included many regions in various parts of the emirate, as part of their continuous efforts to ensure compliance with the application of precautionary measures and measures aimed at curbing the spread of the "Covid-19" pandemic.

The Dubai Economy stated in a statement yesterday that 18 different facilities have been violated, divided between six violations of establishments in the retail sector, two violations of the ready-to-wear trade, four violations in the textile and textile trade, and one violation in each of: perfume trade, mobile phone trade. Electronics trade, computer hardware trade, as well as two bodybuilding fines violations, which were violated in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council.

The sites of the violating facilities were distributed to include a number of shopping centers, the International City, Al-Daghaya, and Eyal Nasser.

The reasons for the violations were as follows: 16 violations due to the non-commitment of employees and workers in the infringing facilities to wear masks, and two violations for failure to take the necessary measures to take into account the physical distance.

In addition, the inspection teams of the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector in the department issued a warning to 12 other establishments, due to the lack of physical spacing labels as required, while the number of stores that meet the conditions and precautionary measures reached 725.

The Dubai Economy called on the various groups and segments of society the need to contribute to empowering the gains achieved by the Emirate of Dubai during the current stage, despite the great and global challenges due to the health pandemic, based on the principle of "everyone is responsible", and to preserve what the emirate has reached in terms of recycling the wheel of the economy in various sectors. , In its safe and natural form.

The sites of the violating establishments were distributed among shopping centers, International City, Al-Daghaya and Eyal Nasser.

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